Proton X70 is Still Brand’s Best-Selling SUV

2020 Proton X70

Proton has just announced its monthly sales figures for the month of November with a grand total of 11,411 vehicles sold.

Out of the total, the best-seller was the Saga with 4,279 units, followed by the Proton X70 with 2,157 units sold. The next best-selling Proton for November was the Persona with 1,942 units, followed by the new X50 with 1,756 units. As for the Exora and Iriz, Proton sold 629 units and 637 units each respectively.

Among all the models mentioned above, only the Proton X70 and the Proton Exora were the best-sellers in their respective segments. Having received more than 27,000 bookings since its launch, the Proton X50 is second only to the Perodua Aruz in as far as the B-segment SUV category is concerned, but if you want to argue that the Aruz is a seven-seater, then the X50 can be considered as the segment best-seller for the month of November.

proton x50

Compared to October 2020, Proton’s monthly sales did see a slight drop but on the bright side, the X50 seems to have gained some traction, and the numbers can only be expected to rise in the near future.

Although Proton admitted that deliveries of the Proton X50 have not ramped up to maximum capacity, the company is positive that it will finish the year strong as Malaysian car sales are continuing to outperform market projections from earlier in the year, thanks to the Penjana incentive by the government.



Subang Jaya, 1 December 2020 – As 2020 draws to a close, sales of Proton cars continue its growth trajectory towards a strong year end finish. 11,411 units (domestic and export) were sold in November, a growth rate of 18% over the same month in 2019, contributing to a total sales figure of 96,410 units in 2020. The latter figure is an overall increase of 7.5% and is equivalent to an estimated market share of 20.1%.

While sales for other Proton models for the month were slightly down compared to October, deliveries of the all new Proton X50 began to gather momentum. 1,756 units were delivered, making it the best-selling B-segment (five-seat) SUV in Malaysia and when combined with 2,157 units of the Proton X70, it makes PROTON the sales leader for SUVs overall.

Strong year end numbers lead to cautious optimism for 2021

“Malaysian car sales are continuing to outperform market projections from earlier in the year as we estimate Total-

Industry-Volume (TIV) to be more than 56,000 units for a third consecutive month. A lot of this can be accounted

for by traditional end-of-year deals offered by car brands, but this year we can include PENJANA incentives and the launch of popular new models such as the Proton X50 as volume growth drivers.

“For PROTON specifically, we are continuing to focus on product quality and customer service to deliver a premium product and brand experience. Admittedly, deliveries of the Proton X50 have not ramped up to maximum capacity, but we are being deliberate in our approach to ensure our customers get the best product that meets their expectations, Still, we target to increase our volume each month to shorten waiting times so we urge everyone to please remain patient,” said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.

Export sales exceed 2019 total despite Coronavirus restrictions

One of PROTON’s main pillars for the future is the growth of export sales as the company seeks a larger footprint outside of Malaysia. 2020 was supposed to be another year of steady growth in this area but these plans were affected by the global Corona virus pandemic.

Still, by the end of November, the number of Proton vehicles exported to other countries had already exceeded the total from the year before.

“Export sales will continue to be one of PROTON’s main pillars heading into 2021 and beyond. With our domestic market performance having stabilised and undergoing steady growth, renewed emphasis has to be placed on making Proton a regional and global automotive brand.

As a national car company, we represent Malaysia on the global stage and when we grow our export volume, our own local vendor community stands to gain as well. We will have more announcements about overseas market activities in the months and years to come,” added Roslan Abdullah.

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