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Proton Achieves Another Record Breaking Month in March

Proton X50 sales

Proton’s strong start to 2021 continued in March as the company posted not only a new high point for the year but also achieved its best sales month since September 2013. 14,989 units (domestic + export) were sold last month, equivalent to a 26.2% increase over February and an estimated market share of 23.5%. Overall, Proton retained second position in the sales rankings table.

For the first quarter of the year, the company achieved a cumulative sales total of 32,826 units and its highest quarterly market share figure since March 2012.

SUV sales continue to grow

2020 Proton X70

Deliveries for Proton’s two SUV models continued to grow in March as the company’s new production line at Tanjung Malim increased its output for the month. 3,513 units of the Proton X50 were delivered to customers while the Proton X70 saw a month on month increase of 58.4% to 2,337 units.

When combined, it means Proton set another internal record with 5,850 SUVs delivered, beating the previous record of 4,820 units that was set just last month. The company’s top seller remains the Proton Saga and with 5,589 units delivered, sales for the A-segment sedan grew by 32.5% compared to February.

What about the other models?

Proton Special Edition Model

The Proton Persona, Iriz and Exora also posted their best figures for the year with the evergreen MPV once again claiming the crown for highest C-segment MPV sales.

“After a soft start to the year, Malaysia’s automotive industry has finally hit its stride for 2021. We estimate TIV to be over 63,000 units, suggesting all brands will post their best numbers for the year. For Proton, March was a very good sales month as we achieved our highest figure in 90 months but our sense of achievement is tempered by the fact that it could have been even better if we were able to produce more units.

“As things stand, we still have a large order bank to fulfil so over the next few months, Proton will strive to increase production while maintaining our focus on delivering high quality products. We are also mindful that PENJANA incentives are currently due to expire by the end June, so we aim to ensure as many customers as possible are able to enjoy the tax holiday given by the government,” said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.

In-house loan from Proton

Proton X50 interior

Increase in sales helps Proton Commerce grow loan disbursements Just as sales of Proton vehicles have grown this year Proton’s in-house auto-financing subsidiary, Proton Commerce Sdn Bhd, has seen a similar increase in volume for financing of cars.

Nearly 4,000 loans were disbursed in the first three months of 2021 with an estimated 1,700 going out in March alone. The latter figure is equivalent to a 122% growth over February and overall, disbursements for the first quarter of the year are up by 141% over 2020.

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Proton Ends February on High Note

Proton February Sales

February was a productive month for Proton as the brand reached market highs that had not been experienced for several years.

By delivering 11,873 units (domestic and export), Proton had its best February in over a decade equivalent to an estimated market share of 27.1%, the highest for the company since September 2013.

Slow January

Proton finished the month ranked second with sales nearly doubling the January 2021 total of 5,964 units. Compared to the same month in 2020, volume has grown by 19.9% though overall, the total for the first two months of the year is still 643 units or 3.5% behind last year’s cumulative total.

Proton February Sales

With 3,345 units of the X50 delivered in February, a total of 8,141 units are now in the hands of buyers as supply slowly catches up to demand. This number is also the highest monthly volume ever achieved by an SUV in Malaysia and therefore makes the Proton X50 the best-selling SUV in its segment and overall.

Add the 1,475 units of the Proton X70 delivered in February (the highest for a C-segment SUV), and the company sold a combined total of 4,820 SUVs, its best ever performance and the most for any brand in the country.

Saga is king

The model with the highest sales however remained the Proton Saga. With 4,217 units delivered the A-segment sedan remains a popular choice amongst car buyers who value its combination of practicality, attractive design and value for money proposition. The sedan also spread its wings by being the first Proton model to go on sale in Kenya on 25 February, where it is locally assembled by Proton’s partner, Simba Corporation.

Proton February Sales

Other Proton models also performed well. The Proton Persona regained leadership in the B-segment sedan category by finishing the month with 1,818 units delivered, beating its highly acclaimed newer rivals in the process. The Proton Exora remained at the head of the C-segment MPV market while the Proton Iriz grabbed third place for B-segment hatchbacks.

This month also saw Proton launch four Special Edition models. The Proton Persona and Exora Black Edition as well as the Proton Saga and Iriz R3 Limited Edition were unveiled online on 18 February and are available in limited numbers. As of 26 February, 1,169 bookings have been placed from a total production run of just 3,500 units indicating strong interest from buyers.

Thank you PENJANA

“February continued to be a difficult month for Malaysia’s automotive industry but it turned out very well for Proton. Thanks to the efforts of the government to ensure a continuation of economic activity during the MCO, we were able to produce more cars and in so doing started to clear our backlog of orders. This is important as we need to consistently deliver on the bookings made to avoid a rush before the Penjana incentives expire at the end of June this year,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar.

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Proton Unveils Black Edition, R3 Limited Edition Models

Proton Special Edition Model

After much anticipation Proton today launched not one or two, but four Special Edition models simultaneously, giving those who have been thinking of getting themselves a brand new Proton, something more exclusive and unique.

Proton special edition model price

The four models were:

  • Proton Saga R3 Limited Edition – RM42,300
  • Proton Iriz R3 Limited Edition – RM52,900
  • Proton Persona Black Edition – RM54,700
  • Proton Exora Black Edition – RM67,800

Persona and Exora Black Edition

Proton Exora Black Edition

Out of the four, the first two to be unveiled the Proton Persona Black Edition as well as the Proton Exora Black Edition, which are priced at RM54,700 and RM67,800 respectively.

Proton Exora Black Edition

Designed to broaden the appeal of each model while offering more choice to customers, both the Persona Black Edition and Exora Black Edition, as the names suggest, are clad in Black exterior colour, with contrasting gold accents on the bumpers as well as the wheels.

Proton Exora Black Edition

Unfortunately, there is no new wheel design for both the Black Edition models but the colour theme is exclusive only to the two models.   

Proton Persona Black Edition

Inside, both the Persona Black Edition and Exora Black Edition come with black leatherette seats, door trims, and floor console.

Proton Exora Black Edition rear

While the Persona is fitted with black headlining, the Exora is fitted with an overhead monitor.

Iriz and Saga R3 Limited Edition

Proton Iriz R3 Limited Edition

Contrary to the Black Edition models that were all about elegance, the Proton Iriz and Saga R3 Limited Edition models were designed to celebrate Proton’s successful motorsports division.

According to Proton, the R3 badge has always been reserved for the sportiest Proton models and both the Iriz and Saga are worthy recipients of this moniker.

Each car is painted black and adorned with the distinctive R3 livery used on Proton’s R3 race cars.

Proton Saga R3 Limited Edition

While the Iriz is equipped with 16-inch R3 alloy wheels, the Saga R3 Limited Edition is equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels with matte grey finish. Further complementing the exterior package is the sporty R3 bodykit.

Inside, a unique black-yellow interior, leatherette seats and R3 carpet mats create a distinctive ambiance with sporty appeal.

Proton Iriz R3 Interior

If we are to compare the Proton Saga 35th Anniversary Edition with the Saga R3 Limited Edition, the only differences are the addition of the R3 Limited Edition plaque which is fitted on the boot as well as the dashboard, and the black and yellow R3 floor mat found in the R3 Limited Edition variant.

“By launching four Special Edition models today, Proton is giving its customers more choices.”

Proton Iriz R3 Limited Edition

“These are products manufactured in Malaysia targeted to Malaysian car buyers and are reminders that Proton is and always will be a ‘full-service’ car manufacturer with the ability to design, develop and build our own cars from a clean sheet of paper,” said En. Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.

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Proton Saga, Exora, Iriz, Persona Special Edition Debut This Week

Proton Limited Edition

In light of the tremendous support received from Malaysians, Proton today announced that it will be introducing not one or two, but four Special Edition models – the Iriz, Saga, Persona, and Exora – all of which are set to be launched virtually on the 18th of February 2021 at 11am.

Malaysians will also be able to place bookings for the Special Edition models on the same date and time. According to Proton, these Special Edition models will provide the same level of comfort, safety and handling that are offered in their standard sibling models, except they have now been enhanced in the aesthetics department.

What this means is that the Special Edition variants of the Saga, Iriz, Persona, as well as the Exora will only come with cosmetic enhancements and not any sort of mechanical updates, similar to what the National carmaker did with the Saga in the form of the 35th Anniversary Edition.

On 9 July last year, Proton unveiled the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition in conjunction with its 35th anniversary. Since its first rollout in 1985 up till today, different generations of the Proton Saga can be seen everywhere in the streets of Malaysia, proving itself as a popular car model in the nation.

Regardless of this, it was still unpredicted when all 1,100 units of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition were sold out within five days of being launched, which serves as a testament to the desirability of not only the Proton Saga, but also for special edition cars.

Proton Saga Anniversary Edition

The Saga 35th Anniversary Edition was available exclusively in black with yellow highlights on both the exterior and interior of the car, with an asking price of RM39,300, which is the same as the current Saga Premium AT after the zero sales tax rebate.

proton saga special edition

Also unveiled during the launch was the 35th Anniversary Accessories package which includes Front Skirting, Side Skirtings, Door Visors, Hood Insulator, Trunk Lid Cover and Boot Tray priced at RM2,035.

Available for purchase separately and compatible with the 2019 Saga model, the anniversary package offered significant cost savings of RM315 as purchasing the parts individually totals RM2,350.

That being said, we can expect the upcoming four Special Edition models of the Saga, Iriz, Persona, and Exora to be quite similar with the Anniversary Edition, but with different colours, themes, and enhancements.

Whether they will all be ‘Black and Yellow’ editions or something more still remains a mystery, so watch this space to see what Proton has up its sleeves this Thursday.

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All Proton Models Now Get N95 Cabin Filter

Proton N95

As we embrace the new norm, many of us will be spending a considerable amount of time in our cars to commute daily to work. But is the cabin of your car truly a cleaner environment?

Even when travelling with the windows closed, the air quality inside can be affected by the air from the outside. It is therefore important for cars to be equipped with cabin air-filtering capabilities.

However, like many other parts in your car such as spark plugs and oil filters, cabin filters are one of the parts we frequently replace in our cars but we rarely talked about.

You may be surprised to learn that PROTON has equipped its entire range of cars, from the Proton X70 to the Saga, Persona, Iriz, Exora and Proton X50 with N95 Cabin Filters as an integral part of the air conditioning system.  

Proton N95

N95 — An extra layer of protection

The biggest difference between an N95 Cabin Filter and the average dust and pollen filter is the efficiency of filtration. An N95 Cabin Filter can remove 95% of particles and contaminants that are larger than 0.3µm (microns) and 98% of PM2.5 dust particulates creating a highly efficient air purifier to filter smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutions; ensuring that the air inside the cabin remains clean.

In simple terms, for contaminants entering the car due to opening of doors & windows, the N95 Cabin Filter can eliminate bacteria as well filtering more than 80% of allergens from cats, dogs, pollen & aphid; breaking down PM 2.5 components that have adverse effects on the human body.

Proton Intelligent Air Purification System (P-IAPS)

More interesting though, is the P-IAPS in the Proton X70. To provide you with a cleaner breathing environment, the air filtration system in the Proton X70 comes factory equipped with the PROTON Intelligent Air Purification System (P-IAPS), that combines the benefits of an air purifier system and an N95 Cabin Filter.

The IAPS uses a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that removes 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns while its activated carbon removes odours, formaldehyde and adsorbs and purifies smoke particulates; whilst the ioniser discharges negative ions to cleanse the air.

By combining the Air Purifier System with the N95 Cabin Filter, the PROTON Intelligent Air Purification System (P-IAPS) acts as a barrier against contaminated air making its way into the cabin, offering a high level of protection against airborne pollutants for a cleaner and healthier environment.

And there you have it, folks, yet another reason to own a brand-new Proton car, for a cleaner cabin air quality for you and your family. If you do own a Proton and are taking it servicing soon, make sure that you’re getting an N95 Cabin Filter.

Those of you who are eagerly waiting for your X50 to arrive, rest assured that this SUV too, is fitted with the N95 Cabin Filter.  At the end of the day, we’d say it’s worth the extra investment, because after all you can’t put a price tag on the wellbeing of you and your family.

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Proton Sells 109,716 Cars in 2020

proton 2020 sales

Proton closed 2020 on a high with an increase in sales over its landmark performance in 2019. Despite losing over two months of car production and sales to the MCO, the company sold 109,716 vehicles for the whole of 2020 after shifting 13,306 units in December.

This 2020 total represents an increase of 8.8% over the 100,821 units sold in 2019, making Proton the only major automotive company to record growth in Malaysia. Market share for the year also increased to an estimated 21.1%, equating to a significant 4.4% increase.

The main drivers of volume growth were the Proton Persona, Iriz, Exora and Saga (PIES), while the X50 surpassed expectations despite it’s later than planned arrival. All four PIES models were extensively updated in 2019 and the investment has paid off with each model posting higher sales numbers this year despite the pandemic.

This performance combined with a 49.8% increase in export volume, allowed Proton to buck the trend of the Malaysian automotive industry which is expected to contract by an estimated 13%.

In terms of individual performance, each Proton model ended the year near the top of their respective segments. The Proton Saga remains as the company’s best-seller for 2020 while the launch of the Proton X50 and strong sales for the Proton X70 combine to make Proton the number one SUV brand in the country.

A key component in Proton’s performance for 2020 was the results of its investments in manufacturing and quality. This was both in the areas of hardware and software. Aside from technology, new processes and systems were introduced to drive an increase in capacity and precision.

This was exemplified not only with the increased volume but with the smooth introduction of the Proton X50 at the company’s new production line at Tanjung Malim, which is also the home of the Persona, Iris and X70.

The Shah Alam plant continued to better its performance, churning out record numbers of the Saga and the Exora. Of greater import was that Proton markedly improved its Global Customer Product Audit (GCPA) score demonstrating that its quality initiatives are coming to fruition. The company was able to do this despite manufacturing being the most severely impacted by the pandemic.

Despite the restrictions placed on the global movement of goods, 2020 saw a strong year for the company’s export division, with a bumper month in December. It saw the first locally assembled Proton Saga roll-off the assembly line in Kenya and then make its debut alongside the Proton X70 in Pakistan where, both models will be sold initially as CBUs but later as CKDs, when a plant in Karachi is completed later this year.

The Proton Saga also burst on to the scene in Egypt and Bangladesh but it wasn’t the only model to make a big splash overseas last month. The Proton X50 entered its first export market when it made its international debut in Brunei on 19 December, making it the fourth Proton model to be launched in the kingdom in 2020 after the Proton Persona, Iriz and Saga arrived in January.

“2020 was a real test of Proton’s mettle as we had only just begun our new trajectory. The nature of this pandemic for an organization like ours, which depends on global supply chains, put great strain on the business. However, a combination of good strategy and hard work has left us not only with an increase in sales against a decreasing market but a renewed belief in our product strategy, quality and commitment to our customers. At the same time we also saw to it that we did our part for the country, which all of us at Proton are especially proud of. We will continue to put the pedal to the metal in 2021 and strive to improve all aspects of the business”, added Dr Li Chunrong.

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N95 Cabin Filter Now Available for All Proton Models – RM50 Saja

The unveiling of the Saga Anniversary Edition was not the only big news from Proton today, as the company also made another big announcement.

Proton’s N95 Cabin Filter, which was previously available only on the X70 SUV, will now be made available for the Saga, Persona, Iriz, and Exora as well.

While current owners will have the option to purchase the N95 Cabin Filter for RM59 excluding labour charges, there will be a 15% discount on the price of the filter For a limited period until the 9th of October 2020.

The new N95 Cabin Filter is capable of removing 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns and also removes 98% of PM2.5 dust particulates.

It is therefore an effective barrier against smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants and functions in both fresh and recirculation modes for the air-conditioning system.

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SST Exemption: Proton Announces Updated Pricing

2020 Proton X70

Following the government’s recent announcement of zero sales tax for cars sold in Malaysia for a six month period beginning 15 June 2020, PROTON will reduce its car prices by 1.2% – 5.7%. The updated prices are as below for each model:

Proton Saga
Discount: Up to RM500
New Price: RM32,400 to RM39,800

Proton Iriz
Discount: Up to RM800
New Price: RM36,200 to RM49,900

Proton Persona
Discount: Up to RM900
New Price: RM42,100 to RM53,700

Proton X70
Discount: Up to RM7,000
New Price: RM89,900 to RM115,800

Proton Exora
Discount: Up to RM2,500
New Price: RM57,300 to RM64,800

These prices will be effective for the duration of the incentive period, a measure designed to boost the economy as the country emerges from its COVID-19 induced lockdown.

The Company is also deploying several strategies to spur growth in sales while keeping in mind buyer sentiment will err on the side of caution for the rest of 2020. These include deploying strict social distancing and disinfection measures at its showrooms and service centres while promoting the use of online bookings for contactless transactions.

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By bringing his Proton Iriz to PROTON’s Centre of Service Excellence in Subang Jaya for scheduled maintenance, Azrul Firdaus Bin Ramli, a 30-year old quality assurance engineer from Bukit Jalil, ensured his car was serviced and maintained by a team of trained PROTON technicians. Today, he received something a little extra when he was named the winner of the PROTON Service & Win contest and was awarded a brand new Proton Saga Premium AT.

Designed to reward Proton car owners for regularly servicing their cars and to promote the company’s authorised service centres, the PROTON Service & Win Contest was co-branded with PETRONAS and held from 15 August to 15 November last year.

Over 125,000 customers sent their vehicles for servicing during the contest period and eligible participants were required to upload a picture of their car on Facebook together with a creative caption. PROTON’s management then selected the winner based on the creativity of their posting.

Over the past two years, PROTON has aggressively recruited new partners to increase the number of 3S/4S outlets in its network. Today, the Company has 121 such outlets, a number it is looking to grow with a target of
hitting 150 by the end of the year.

“Selling a car is the beginning of a relationship between an automotive brand and its customers. During a five- year ownership cycle, there will be many occasions when a customer returns to service their car and this is an opportunity for PROTON to showcase a premium brand experience.

This is the strategy driving us towards investing in a comprehensive network of 3S/4S outlets and also helps to ensure our cars are maintained by trained technicians, which will help long-term residual values,” said Dr Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON.

To ensure the level of customer and aftersales service are maintained at a high level, PROTON continues to invest in training programmes for its technicians, sales and aftersales staff. The Company also benchmarks itself against other premium brands to keep abreast of best practices in the industry and to elevate the level of service delivered at all outlets.

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