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Honda Civic and Honda BR-V Get New Platinum White Pearl Colour

Honda Malaysia has introduced a new Platinum White Pearl colour option for two of its popular models – the Civic and New BR-V, replacing the White Orchid Pearl colour.

The Platinum White Pearl colour was first introduced by Honda Malaysia in Honda’s model line-up, namely the Odyssey and the 10th Generation Accord.

According to Honda Malaysia, both the Civic and BR-V are dominating its respective segment with substantial contribution to the company’s overall sales.

When the company introduced the Platinum White Pearl colour in the Accord early this year, Honda saw good market acceptance with this colour accounting for 33% of the sales of the model.

Speaking of sales, Honda Malaysia’s second best-selling model – the 10th Generation Civic maintained its No.1 position in the C-segment with a market share of 79%.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Non-National MPV segment; the New BR-V, has sold more than 38,000 units since its introduction in 2017. The Civic in new Platinum White Pearl colour is now available in the market, while the New BR-V in this new colour is expected to be available in November 2020.

Surcharge of the Platinum White Pearl colour introduced in the Civic and the New BR-V is RM 272.73.


Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Sets New Record at Suzuka

Honda’s most extreme Type R yet – the Civic Type R Limited Edition – has set a new lap record at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan for Front-Wheel Drive cars, with a time of 2 mins and 23.993 seconds.

In case you’re wondering what is different with the Civic Type R Limited Edition, it features lightweight components, suspension and steering upgrades, and a stripped-back, driver-focused interior, making it lighter which of course means quicker.

The record-breaking lap was achieved by a Type R Limited Edition development car as it underwent its final performance evaluation in February 2020.

The development car featured the same technical specifications as the production version, with no modifications or performance enhancements.

Just 100 of the Type R Limited Edition will be built for Europe, each benefiting from the standard Type R’s outstanding driving dynamics and performance.

The new Limited Edition features lightweight 20-inch forged BBS alloy wheels with high grip Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tyres. These are designed exclusively for outstanding circuit performance but still deliver exceptional on-road performance, whilst providing a 10kg weight saving.

Modified dampers optimise this new wheel and tyre combination and, together with recalibrated steering, offer maximum control and feedback.

The Adaptive Damper System’s control software now evaluates road conditions faster, resulting in improved damper reactions for both better handling response and ride quality.

The new Limited Edition model retains the Type R’s 2.0-litre VTEC Turbo engine. Peak power output is 320PS at 6,500 rpm and peak torque is 400 Nm from 2,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. 0-100 km/h is achieved in 5.7 seconds.

The striking Type R Limited Edition will be available in an exclusive new colour, ‘Sunlight Yellow’, and will feature an exclusive dark chrome Civic badge on the rear hatch and a contrasting gloss black roof.

Gloss black wing mirrors and an intake vent on the bonnet complete its aggressive styling.

The interior of the flagship Civic Type R Limited Edition echoes Honda’s sporting bloodline with red bucket seats and a plaque marking the build number of the car.

The Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and a newly designed teardrop style gear knob provides the driver with a greater sense of oneness with the Type R even on the highly technical Suzuka Circuit.

The track-focused nature of the car means the infotainment and air conditioning systems are omitted to save weight, but the rear seats remain to ensure that that the Limited Edition retains the everyday usability for which the Civic is renowned.

The new tyres and wheels, together with new lightweight components and a stripped-back interior all contribute to a 47kg weight reduction compared to the Type R GT variant.

Meanwhile, the suspension set-up and Adaptive Damper System have also been improved across all Type R models for more responsive, sharper handling and improved ride quality.


Honda Civic Retains No.1 Spot in C-Segment

Honda Malaysia has announced that the new Civic, which was officially launched in February this year, remains No.1 in the C-Segment with a captured market share of 70%.

To-date, the new Civic is currently the 3rd best-selling model in Honda Malaysia’s overall sales. While the Central region contributed 44% to the total sales, 17% came from the Southern region, followed by 15% from the Northern region.

The White Orchid Pearl colour appears to be the favourite among customers, representing 42% of the overall sales for the New Civic.

According to Honda Malaysia, the new Civic is receiving positive response from the market with a total of more than 6,500 bookings as of June 2020.

It is also worth mentioning here that the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) took delivery of 425 units of the Civic 1.8S last month to be used as patrol vehicles.

That being said, the delivery timeline for the new Civic is one month waiting period and stocks are available to meet customers demand.

The New Civic’s price list after the sales tax exemption is as mentioned below:


Honda Malaysia Issues Recall to Replace Fuel Pump

Honda Malaysia today announced a product recall involving 55,354 units of Honda vehicles to replace its fuel pump as a precautionary measure, in line with the Honda global fuel pump recall.

The affected models are mentioned below:

As of today, there are no incidences of crashes or injuries caused by this issue reported in Malaysia.

The replacement of the affected fuel pump is free of charge and all cost related to this replacement activity will be borne by Honda Malaysia.

The replacement stock will be available in stages. As the Honda Toll Free number is undergoing technical maintenance, vehicle owners can obtain more information on this product recall by contacting any Honda authorized dealer or log on to www.honda.com.my to check their vehicle status.


Sales Tax Relief: Honda Vehicles Price Drops by up to RM9.5k

Honda Malaysia (or the Company) today announced the reduction in prices for Honda cars following the Government of Malaysia’s announcement of
100% sales tax exemption on Completely Knocked Down (CKD) models and 50% sales tax exemption on Completely Built Unit (CBU) models in the Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA).

With the relevant adjustments made, the prices of Honda’s CKD models, namely the Jazz, New BR-V, City, HR-V, New Civic, CR-V and All-New Accord will reduce between RM2,788.46* and RM8,545.63. Meanwhile, Honda’s CBU model of Odyssey will be lower by RM9,502.47. The new pricing takes effect from 15th June 2020 to 31st December 2020.

In addition to the new pricing, customers can also enjoy the on-going special treats with their new Honda cars under the “Kita Bersama Deals” campaign.

That said, below is the list of models and the revised price:

Honda Jazz
Decrease: Up to RM3,756
New Price: From RM72,511 to RM85,064

Honda City
Decrease: Up to RM4,010
New Price: RM75,295 to RM87,709

Honda BR-V
Decrease: Up to RM3,507
New Price: RM86,726 to RM93,693

Honda HR-V
Decrease: Up to RM6,245
New Price: RM104,000 to RM118,854

Honda Civic
Decrease: Up to RM4,966
New Price: RM109,326 to RM134,934

Honda CR-V
Decrease: Up to RM7,470
New Price: RM144,629 to RM68,829

Honda Accord
Decrease: Up to RM8,545
New Price: RM178,203 to RM187,754

Honda Odyssey
Decrease: RM9,502
New Price: RM249,393


This Used Car Ad is so Funny it Deserves an Award

We’ve all seen used car listings – you know, with the usual descriptions like “tip-top condition, accident-free, see to believe, one lady owner, Datuk owner, Nenek owner,” and what not – it’s just the same thing over and over again.

While most listings usually sound the same, there are also some ads that really stand out, even if the car being sold is not that unique, like this particular listing we saw on Mudah.my here, selling a Honda Civic EG.

What makes this ad so memorable is that the amount of thought and effort the seller put in the description of the car is nothing short of mind-blowing, and the ‘Fast N Furious’ themed picture is just the tip of the iceberg.   

Now, if you do not understand Bahasa Malaysia, this would be a good time to either close this window and move on with life, or to acquire the services of good ol’ Google Translate, as the ad is written in BM.

So, here it is…


“Bayangkan boss ku, kereta Honda Civic ni digunakan dalam cerita Fast & Furios part 1 dulu. Tapi bukan 4 doors macam yang saya nak jual ni, dia pakai 2 doors punya. The point is kereta model ni memang power sampai boleh masuk filem box office tu. Dalam citer tu, kereta geng racer tu guna untuk merompak treller yang bawa barang berharga dekat hiway. Pi ler check citer Fast & Furios part 1 tu … baru paham saya cakap apa.”

“Pasai apa dia power boss ku? Sebab kereta ni pakai enjin B16A, lejen enjin tu. Apa yang hebat sangat dengan kereta yang saya nak let go ni? Jom kita tengok …”
“B16A ni memang power engine dia. VTEC (Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control) ni memang teknologi Honda dan memang terkenal dengan enjin kecik dan power. Tak macam American car dalam citer Fast & Furios tu, engine besar dan tersembul keluar dari bonet kereta, tapi kalah jugak dengan kereta Jepun. Tapi sebab omputih buat citer Fast & Furious tu, dia bagi la American car menang.

“Tak cukup dengan B16A VTEC engine, engine pulak baru lepas OVERHAUL boss ku. So, masalah engine ni memang tak wujud la lepas ni sebab dah buat dah major overhaul, bukan top overhaul tukar topping dekat atas engine tu. Cer check gambar yang ada engine atas lantai tu, tu lah mekanik tengah dok posing sebelum overhaul. Habis beribu-ribu jugaklah pasal overhaul ni…”
“Yang ni bukan cakap kosong sebab nak jual, memang dah tukar sistem air-cond tu atas nasihat mekanik. So, compressor, condensor dan drier memang dah baru. Memang sejuk.”
“Mana ada kereta sport pakai automatic transmission. Nak pick up memang kena pakai manual transmission. Ada nampak kereta dalam citer Fast & Furious pakai automatic transmission … tak ada kan?”

–> RIM 16 INCI
“Ada orang cakap rim kecik baru kereta laju. Rim besar ni buat kereta jadi slow. Hmmm… kalau macam tu, rim kereta Formula 1 kena kecik lah kalau dah teori macam tu. Mana ada rim kereta F1 kecik kecik? Semua besar-besar sebab nak stable dan laju. Rim 16 inci ni dah cukup bagus untuk kereta Civic ni. Kereta nampak cantik, laju dan terletak cantik dekat kereta tu.”
“Apa binatang Glasurit ni? Cat Glasurit ni biasanya diguna pakai dekat kereta-kereta mahal. Cat dia berkualiti dari Jerman. Memang mahal harga cat ni. Tapi, kesan dia, bila basuh kereta dan lap, tak payah nak wax dah. Dah boleh suluh muka dah dia punya reflection. Ada sijil Glasurit waranti 10 tahun kalau tak percaya.”
“Yang ni bukan ayat menjual. Memang la kalau tengok iklan-iklan orang lain, semuanya guna ayat macam ni. Tapi, yang ni memang ikhlas. Body memang PADU … interior dalam kemas … cuma adalah karat sana sini sebab kereta lama … 1994 boss ku, bukan 2014!.”
“So, PADU kan kereta Honda ni. Tak cukup dengan tu lagi boss ku, ni dekat bawah ada BONUS tambahan kalau boss angkat kereta ni.

Impressive, isn’t it? Let us know if you have seen something funnier!  


PDRM Get New Honda Civic 1.8S Patrol Cars

Honda Malaysia has presented 425 units of the new Civic 1.8S to the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) to be used as new mobile patrol and enforcement vehicles.

Locally assembled, the Civic being presented here is the latest model which was launched in February 2020, featuring a new front bumper, a new grille, new 16-inch alloy wheels, as well as new automatic wiper and Front Sensor.

Powered by a 1.8L i-VTEC engine mated with Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), the New Civic 1.8S offers delivers 141 PS and 174 Nm of torque.

Awarded with five-star safety rating by ASEAN NCAP, the new Civic is also equipped with safety features such as 6 airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Agile Handle Assist (AHA), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist (BA) and Auto Brake Hold (ABH).