Scania Brings Ecolution To Malaysia
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Scania Brings Ecolution To Malaysia

Have you heard of ‘Ecolution’. This is a program by and from Scania truck and bus for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and consequently, operating costs for transport/logistic companies.

With demand for goods transport on the rise, the transport industry in Malaysia is being challenged to manage that growth while reducing emissions and more importantly fuel consumption.

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With a deep understanding of the customer’s operation as a whole, Scania join forces to push the limits of fuel reduction. The result is a significant contribution to operation’s bottom line for the customer, as well as a major cut in emissions. In a competitive industry with an increasing environmental awareness this is a true double-win scenario.

scania ecolution

Ecolution by Scania has the potential to decrease fuel-consumption by more than 10 percent (for a logistics company this could be a saving in the thousands of ringgit every week). This can be done through a package of activities, including CO2 optimised vehicles specified for the lowest fuel consumption, and thus reduced carbon dioxide emissions, Driver Training providing instructions in driving techniques that minimise fuel consumption, individual Driver Coaching based on vehicle and environmental reports from Scania Fleet Management and Maintenance+, a maintenance programme for maintaining low fuel consumption including checkpoints that are normally not included in a regular maintenance programme.

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