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Hauliers are Reaping Benefits of Going Digital During Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic with the lockdown orders in Malaysia and around the world has given rise to unprecedented challenges for ports, hauliers and freight forwarders, and urgency must be given to digitalization of processes to overcome these challenges, says the Association of Malaysian Hauliers (AMH).

Soo Chee Yong, President of AMH said, “Digital transformation by logistic players in the import and export industry is important to resolve the turmoil currently faced by ports and supply chains to ensure safety, efficiency and productivity.”

“We have observed that ports and its supporting industries that invest in automation and digitalization have benefited from increased resilience over the past year”.

Congestion at ports

Soo added that both Port Klang’s ports are still congested, especially during the government-imposed Movement Control Order (MCO) and the National Recovery Phase 1 lockdown that is still in force in Selangor, and he urged freight forwarders and hauliers to migrate from manual processes to paperless systems like LinkHaul so that supply chain disruptions caused by lockdowns can be reduced and efficiency at ports can be improved.

“The past year has been very trying for hauliers and freight forwarders. Not only are their business operations disrupted by the pandemic, but they also need to constantly ensure the safety of their workers and compliance to the government-ordered standard operating procedures (SOPs).”


“By harnessing the use of technology where data is real-time and easily accessed via an app that comes equipped with QR code scanning and a secure payment gateway, time consuming and manual processes that require physical contact can be done away with. This will also help reduce the risk of Covid-19 virus transmission among workers”, said See Soon-An, Managing Director of Link Effect (M) Sdn Bhd, which developed the LinkHaul system.

LinkHaul is an online unifying platform connecting hauliers and freight forwarders, that identifies imbalanced trips and recommend return jobs so that cargo lorries do not come in or go out of the ports empty. It was an initiative born out of collaboration between Port Klang Authority, Westport and Northport that was launched in 2019 by then transport minister, Anthony Loke to help reduce traffic congestion caused by container lorries at the ports. Currently, LinkHaul has 83 hauliers and freight forwarders as active users.

Reaping the benefits

Some logistic players are already reaping the benefits from investing in digitalization. Robyn Wong, Director of freight forwarder, Ability Scope Sdn Bhd said LinkHaul has helped saved as much as 90 percent of processing time for their day-to-day cargo operations.

She sees the e-consignment note feature in LinkHaul as particularly helpful during these trying times of the pandemic, as it helps reduce the risk of Covid-19 virus transmission among her workers, who previously have to physically sign and stamp the documents which are passed through several hands.


Yeoh Hock Heng, Executive Director of Vertex Mission Sdn Bhd, a logistics and supply chain solutions company, credits the implementation of LinkHaul for its role in Vertex Mission’s ability to adapt quickly to the new normal that arose from the pandemic.

“We are pleased that we were already using LinkHaul’s QR code scanning feature to receive and pick up containers when the pandemic came about. It is fast, easy and contactless and because LinkHaul also comes integrated with Westport and Northport’s systems and as all data is accessible anywhere and in real-time, it has helped speed up our processes by taking only half the time of what it used to be”, said Yeoh.

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Scania New Truck Handover at MAEPS

Scania XT Truck

At the recent New Truck Generation Test and Drive 2019 event at the MAEPS, Scania also had the handover ceremony of the New Truck Generation to two customers, Mekar Angkut Sdn Bhd (Mekar Angkut) and Tasik Bintang Transport and Trading Sdn Bhd (Tasik Bintang). Mekar Angkut, part of the Konsortium E-Mutiara group of companies, decided to purchase 5 G360A4X2NA Scania New Truck Generation as their first time purchase after being satisfied with the performance of Scania busses that are operating under Konsortium E-Mutiara.

7. Tasik Bintang Transport and Trading Sdn Bhd, an existing Scania customer with 12 Scania trucks in their fleet, purchased a total of 9 New Truck Generation by Scania as a sign of confidence in the performance and reliability of Scania trucks

On the other hand, Tasik Bintang, an existing Scania customer with 12 Scania trucks in their fleet, purchased a total of 9 New Truck Generation by Scania as a sign of confidence in the performance and reliability of Scania trucks.

8. Mekar Angkut Sdn Bhd, part of the Konsortium E-Mutiara group of companies, purchased 5 units of G360A4X2NA Scania New Truck Generation as their first time purchase

Since the launch of the New Truck Generation, many transport and logistics companies have been purchasing the trucks as a show of the industry’s confidence in Scania as well as the increased industry focus towards sustainable transport solutions.

The foundation of Scania XT is a highly robust heavy-duty bumper that protrudes 150 millimetres in front of the cab front. It lends the vehicle a distinctive appearance that signals both strength and robustness. In addition, Scania XT customers can opt for different local interior and exterior trim packages, which contribute enhanced productivity and reinforce the impression of unyielding solid force.

Built for a hard life

The powerful bumper protrudes 150 millimetres and provides an attack angle of around 25 degrees, depending on the configuration in term of choice of tyres and chassis. In combination with a skid plate and headlamp protection mesh, the XT version has a particularly robust and rugged front, which easily copes with any fairly heavy impact or collision with objects without any damage to the underlying structure. At the centre there is an easily accessible towing bolt that is classified for 40 tonnes, which is welcome if the vehicle has to pull something out or should it need assistance when laden.

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Scania Trucks receive overwhelming praises during Scania’s Test and Drive 2019  

The New Truck Generation by Scania received overwhelming praises and positive responses from customers and guests during the New Truck Generation Test and Driver 2019 that was held at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

For The Customers and Fans

The week-long event saw around 300 invited customers, guests, fans as well as members of the media flocking MAEPS to experience driving Scania’s New Truck Generation in a safe and controlled environment. Participants praised the performance and features of the New Truck Generation after having the chance to maneuver a Scania G410A6X2 New Truck Generation across two choices of routes within MAEPS.

1. Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia thanked the guests who took the time to test & drive the New Truck Generation from Scania 2. Daniel Tan, Sales Director of Scania Southeast Asia explained to our guests from Singapore the importance of the drivers and highlighted the key features of the New Truck Generation that will improve driving performance and ergonomics 3. Mr Alvin Tan from Librans Sdn Bhd explored the interior of New Truck Generation using virtual reality headset with Tan Chee Hon, Services Product Manager of Scania Southeast Asia 4. Roslan, one of Scania experienced driver trainers showing Dato’ Ooi Win Juat of Puspakom, the features of the Scania truck that help increase the uptime while reducing CO2 emissions 5. Anders Liss, Regional Manager for Southern Region and Country Manager for Scania Malaysia Singapore explaining to customers the rollover side curtain airbags that is the first in Malaysia

Customer Endorsement

One praise came from Alex Lai of Mansang Logistics Sdn Bhd who commented that “the features of the New Truck Generation have improved greatly from the older generation as many things have been simplified making the truck more user friendly, very comfortable and most importantly the clear visibility from the different angles.

The truck itself is more enhanced and very powerful. Safety feature such as the improved response from the braking system is also a plus point for Scania’s New Truck Generation.”

From the driver’s perspective, enhancements have been made to provide an enriched driver’s environment as noted by Mohamad Hasni from Yeap Transport and Trading Company.

“The cabin is one of a kind. Adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic dashboard with touchscreen, and large windscreen with extended view make it easier for the driver to operate in a comfortable and safe environment. Scania has truly designed a truck that is focused on the customers and the drivers needs,” Mohamad Hasni elaborated.

“I am very grateful for all the guests who took the time to test & drive the New Truck Generation from Scania. I am even more inspired by the feedback that I have gotten from them. Our guests definitely saw the features that we can offer, felt the performance of the truck and also believe that this truck can help lower operating cost, increase revenue and profitability for their businesses,” stated Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström.

9. Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia was driving one of the guests on Scania G410A6X2 New Truck Generation that is designed and engineered to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions 10. Idris Talib of SGCarMart drove Scania G410A6X2 New Truck Generation at the Test and Drive 2019 event

Development Time

The New Truck Generation by Scania is the result of 10 years in development and SEK 20 billion (RM 10 billion) worth of investment with more than 12 million kilometres of test- driving. Launched earlier this year, the New Truck Generation is designed and engineered to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions as it is equipped with advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that consume an average of 3 percent less fuel. Other features of the New Truck Generation include new chassis design, extended storage options, and enhanced safety features such as the award- winning rollover side curtain airbags, which is a first in Malaysia.

6. Mr Mohamad Hasni from Yeap Transport and Trading Company shared his experienced driving the New Truck Generation that enhancements have been made to provide an enriched driver’s environment

“As a business, Scania has been at the forefront of providing sustainable transport solutions to our customers. Our New Truck Generation will serve as the vehicle to carry the momentum of economic progress with reduced carbon footprint as we work towards our new 2050 commitment of achieving net-zero emissions,” added Marie.

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Daihatsu Business Fleet Program launched at MCVE 2019

Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (DMSB) has just announced the launch of the Daihatsu Business Fleet Program, to provide innovative solutions and end-to-end aftersales service tailored to small and medium businesses as well as customers with larger fleets. The program was launched at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2019.

Daihatsu Photo A

“The program puts a renewed focus on automotive service to better meet the requirements of today’s growing fleets. With the explosive growth of transportation network companies and last mile delivery services, our aim is to drive value through innovation by being the preferred partner of fleet companies to provide them with the service, vehicles and fleet management they need”, said Arman Mahadi, Managing Director of Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

 Daihatsu Photo B

The benefits of the Daihatsu’s Business Fleet Program include: –

  • Range of Vehicle Solutions – From panel vans to pick-ups with 17 body applications and other medium to heavy segment models.
  • Sales & Service incentives – Special rebates with new purchase of Daihatsu fleets and special discounts on parts purchases.
  • Daihatsu’s Mobile Service – Dedicated on-site vehicle service exclusively for Daihatsu fleet customers without additional charges.
  • Extended Vehicle Warranty Service – 5 Years/150,000Km* standard manufacturer warranty for better protection and peace of mind.
  • Maintenance Service Contract – Personalized service maintenance plan with additional value-added services.
  • Service Credit Term Facilities – Up to RM10,000 with 30 days credit term for vehicle maintenance.
  • Drivers Safety Training Program – To improve personal driving skills, road safety culture, vehicle upkeep and ensure longer uptime.
  • Accident Repair & Insurance Claim Service – One stop automotive repair centre and insurance claims to ensure total customer satisfaction and confidence.

 Daihatsu Photo C

Reinforcing its reputation as the distributor of the first automatic transmission (AT) light commercial vehicle in Malaysia, DMSB also showcased the Gran Max Panel Van (AT) at the MCVE 2019. This first in its class vehicle is designed to specifically cater to the requirements of delivery-based businesses, SMEs, fleet businesses and government agencies, while delivering strong performance and economical fuel consumption.

 Daihatsu Photo D

The lightweight and compact vehicle is equipped with rear-wheel drive (RWD) function, can accommodate up to 2,000 kg of gross weight (with load) and runs on Electric Fuel Injection (EFI) powered by DOHC DVVT 1.5 litre engine. Perfect for heavy traffic urban areas and all types of road conditions, the vehicle also comes with enhanced fittings such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), dual front SRS airbags as well as power steering features to support local driving habits and ensure easy handling.

Further to its aim of driving value through innovation, DMSB has partnered together with Free Tree Society to create the ‘Rewilding Roadshow’, a community project sponsored by DMSB to encourage urban conservation and the greening of urban spaces. Showcased at the MCVE 2019 is the Gran Max Green Van, a Gran Max panel van custom built for the roadshow and comes complete with body wrap and additional body kit accessories such as Daytime Running Lights, Bull Bar, Body Side Molding, Side Mirror Cover, Sun Visor, Scuff Plate and sets of 15-inch sport rims.

Arman explained, “Daihatsu Malaysia believes in environmental sustainability and the ‘Rewilding Roadshow’ will an ongoing long-term collaboration with Free Tree Society. As with the concept of ‘rewilding’ small spaces, the versatility of our custom-built Gran Max Green Van reflects how cargo space and body application can be maximized through innovative customization to allow for plant transport”.

Another concept exhibited at the MCVE 2019 is a Gran Max based on the ever-reliable mobile pick-up variant transformed into a fully functional mobile clinic, as part of DMSB’s support of Columbia Asia Hospital’s initiative to continuously engage with the community to create awareness and foster preventive healthcare management. The mobile clinic offers complimentary health screening throughout the three days of the expo, including a blood donation drive administrated by the National Blood Centre on the second day of the expo.

“The transportation industry is changing rapidly, and the future of transportation will involve future-proof products and services. With our range of extremely versatile and highly adaptable vehicles as well as our innovative solutions, we are confident we are well positioned to help our customers successfully navigate the future of transportation in Malaysia”, said Arman.

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MCVE 2019 at Mines from today until Sunday

The Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019 (MCVE) is back again at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center (MIECC), covering an exhibition area of 8,000 sqm from today, the 20th to the 22nd of June 2019. MCVE 2019__3576 MCVE 2019__3577 MCVE 2019__3580 MCVE 2019__3583 MCVE 2019__3584

The theme of this year’s event was ‘The Future of Transportation in Malaysia’. Exhibitors such as Volvo, Scania, MAN Truck and Bus and Hino as well as new exhibitors such as Hengst and Giti Tyre were at the main hall showcasing their latest innovations.

MCVE 2019__3599 MCVE 2019__3607

MCVE remains and is the largest commercial vehicle exhibition in South East Asia and our new Deputy Minister of Transport, YB Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar was in attendance officiating the opening of the event at a packed morning media and guest event at the main entrance of the event hall.

MCVE 2019__3619

MCVE 2019__3608

Scania as always made the biggest noise at the event with the launch of the Scania Ecolution program.

MCVE 2019__3617 MCVE 2019__3618

Daihatsu showcased their business fleet program.

MCVE 2019__3620 MCVE 2019__3621

Volvo Trucks had their Uptime Promise.

MCVE 2019__3614 MCVE 2019__3615 MCVE 2019__3616

Hino Motors brought their 6×2 Prime Mover; HINO 700 Series SR1E, and Hino full line-up light-duty truck, HINO 300 Series, new driving test (computer based); Driver Aptitude Test, and their HINO Poncho inner city bus.

MCVE 2019__3609 MCVE 2019__3610

MAN trucks showed their strength in brand presence

MCVE 2019__3601 MCVE 2019__3602

The Chinese truck brands were as colourful as always.

MCVE 2019__3595 MCVE 2019__3596 MCVE 2019__3597 MCVE 2019__3598 MCVE 2019__3599 MCVE 2019__3600

MCVE is organised by the Asian Trucker and the event also sees participants from truck accessories and aftermarket equipment.

MCVE 2019__3611 MCVE 2019__3612 MCVE 2019__3613

MCVE 2019__3603 MCVE 2019__3604 MCVE 2019__3605

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Scania Brings Ecolution To Malaysia

Have you heard of ‘Ecolution’. This is a program by and from Scania truck and bus for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and consequently, operating costs for transport/logistic companies.

With demand for goods transport on the rise, the transport industry in Malaysia is being challenged to manage that growth while reducing emissions and more importantly fuel consumption.

scania ecolution1

With a deep understanding of the customer’s operation as a whole, Scania join forces to push the limits of fuel reduction. The result is a significant contribution to operation’s bottom line for the customer, as well as a major cut in emissions. In a competitive industry with an increasing environmental awareness this is a true double-win scenario.

scania ecolution

Ecolution by Scania has the potential to decrease fuel-consumption by more than 10 percent (for a logistics company this could be a saving in the thousands of ringgit every week). This can be done through a package of activities, including CO2 optimised vehicles specified for the lowest fuel consumption, and thus reduced carbon dioxide emissions, Driver Training providing instructions in driving techniques that minimise fuel consumption, individual Driver Coaching based on vehicle and environmental reports from Scania Fleet Management and Maintenance+, a maintenance programme for maintaining low fuel consumption including checkpoints that are normally not included in a regular maintenance programme.

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No heavy vehicles allowed on PLUS highway effective NOW!

The Ministry of Transport Malaysia has just put in effect a ban on all heavy vehicles from using the PLUS highway which connects north to south Malaysia. This is really good news for car, mpv, suv and pickup truck drivers returning home after the festivities as heavy vehicles can cause more traffic issues.

It is however bad news for truck drivers needing to do their job to send goods/food around the country and also cross border. They are going to have a tough time with Cold Transfers and also perishable items that need to reach supermarkets and family shops around the country.

Mercedes-Benz e-Actros


Petaling Jaya, Saturday, 8 June 2019: – PLUS Malaysia Bhd (PLUS) confirms that the Ministry of Transport ban on all heavy vehicles at highways will take effect today (8/6) & tomorrow (9/6).

“We hope that this will ease some traffic congestion especially the climbing areas,” said PLUS Chief Operating Officer, Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi.

“Traffic from the North towards Kuala Lumpur is slow moving along the Seberang Perai area, from Taiping to Changkat Jering and the climbing area of the Menora Tunnel heading to Ipoh.Along the Gua Tempurung climbing area, from Tapah to Sungkai and Bukit Tagar to Sungai Buaya, traffic is also slow moving. While in the South, traffic traveling up to Kuala Lumpur is also slow moving along Sedenak, Senai and Simpang Renggam towards Ayer Hitam; including the Pedas Linggi climbing area toward Port Dickson,” he added.

PLUS advises its customers to have a good rest while driving along its highway by taking 2 hourly intermittent breaks at its Rest & Service Areas (RSA) and laybys; including its Toll Plazas, which provides comfortable suraus for prayer and clean toilets to refresh.

Zakaria also re-emphasized the importance for motorcyclists to ride safely on their journey back to Kuala Lumpur, as the death toll of motorcyclists on PLUS highways is alarmingly high as compared to other vehicles.

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Truck axle breaks and hits car

This has just happened in Sibu Sarawak. A trailer running along Rantau Panjang ‘lost’ its rear axle and it went flying in the air and hit a Toyota Vios smack on the front windscreen. There has been no report of any injuries but this could have been a fatal accident if it was a busy road and the axle had hit a motorcyclist. This is why proper checks must be conducted on old commercial vehicles and their road worthiness as they are on the road for hours a day, seven days a week and with little care and money put into maintenance. Vios Sibu Tyre Accident__8437 Vios Sibu Tyre Accident__8435 Vios Sibu Tyre Accident__8436

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Truck topples along PLUS highway

We have just received news of a truck toppling over just after the Sierramas overheard bridge in Kepong in the direction to Kepong. Traffic is crawling along the PLUS E1 highway from the Sungei Buluh toll plaza since 3.08pm today.

Please take note and make the necessary adjustments to your journey as this truck is not going anywhere in the next hour or so.

LLM truck turned over

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Mercedes-Benz Zetros Awesome Truck

The Zetros is probably not the first model that comes to mind when thinking about the Mercedes-Benz truck range in Malaysia.

Flying under the radar somewhat, despite its versatility, the Zetros could be a vehicle you see more of in coming years in Malaysia as the mining and plantation boom hits harder in the outskirts.


Outstanding traction, supremely mobile, tough in the taking: Zetros, the off-road specialist for extreme terrain, is the solution for the future when coping with exceedingly difficult conditions way off sealed roads. Decades of off-road know-how and innovative technology combine to produce this modern truck concept for carrying out extreme operations and it impressively continues the legendary tradition of conventional trucks.

Whether custom-built solutions are needed for disaster intervention, fire departement, municipal work, agricultural use, the energy or contruction sectors, the Zetros is ready and waiting.

The Zetros is available as a 4×4 or 6×6 and runs a 7.2-litre six-cylinder with 330hp/1300Nm, with low range gearing and front and rear locking diffs.

Daimler auf der Bauma 2016

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