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New and Improved 2021 Scania Touring Coach Previewed

2021 Scania Touring

Scania recently announced the introduction of the new generation Scania Touring coach, featuring a more refined cabin, increased load capacity, as well as improved passenger comfort and fuel consumption.

In the new generation, the load capacity in the front axle has been increased by 500 kilos, which enables improved weight distribution and higher passenger and luggage capacity.

The driver environment, along with the guide area, has undergone several updates. “We believe our workplace for the driver is industry leading. It offers exceptional ergonomics, visibility and control,” says Åke Allard, Head of Product Management, Scania Buses & Coaches.

With a newly developed suspension and smooth gear changes, the new Scania Touring increases comfort for drivers, crew and passengers. 

Drivers will also be pleased with the new advanced driver assistance systems, that include Attention Support and Lane Change Collision Prevention.

Scania Touring

“This, along with the vehicle’s design and great driveability increases safety for everyone onboard and minimises downtime by preventing accidents and limiting damages,” says Allard.

Fuel consumption is one of the main contributors to operating cost. Compared to previous models, the new generation Scania Touring can save up to 6% on fuel and emissions – without compromising on performance.

This is done through an improved powertrain efficiency and new features such as the Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Prediction.

“We all know the importance of uptime to decrease cost and maximise income for our customers, and with the product design and new services, we see ourselves as the first choice,” adds Allard.

The design to facilitate maintenance, the high parts availability, and the new proactive uptime service – Scania Flexible Maintenance – helped solidify Scania as the primary provider of uptime solutions.

“This service enables us to be as efficient as possible.” By continually monitoring operational data, Scania Flexible Maintenance allows maintenance plans to be tailored according to the needs of each individual vehicle – avoiding operational disruptions.

The new Scania Zone enables real-time vehicle adjustments in predefined zones. The possibility to limit the speed of the vehicle in certain areas means that safety can be increased while keeping down emissions and noise.

 “All in all, the Scania Touring allows low-emission transport to go hand-in-hand with operating economy,” Allard concludes.

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Scania to Solve Public Transportation Issues in West Africa

Scania Burkina Faso

Scania has announced that it will be providing 304 buses to the West African country Burkina Faso, to help improve the public transportation and sustainable mobility in the country’s capital city.

The deal, which is a part of the Greater Ouagadougou Urban Mobility Project, will see Scania and its partners helping to bring sustainable mobility to Ouagadougou, the capital of West African country Burkina Faso, through the delivery of a bus rapid transit solution (BRT).

304 buses

A total of 304 buses will be supplied to the city authorities for the Greater Ouagadougou Urban Mobility Project.

Scania Burkina Faso

The project will help meet the Burkinabé Government’s goal of establishing a modern network of public transport solutions by 2022, in order to reduce the use of single carriage vehicles and the level of air pollution in the city of more than 2.5 million people.

The BRT solution will see Scania supply 80 low-entry 13-metre buses, 58 low-entry 15-metre buses, 10 low-entry articulated buses and 30 coaches, all of which are being body built by Marcopolo.

Scania biofuel buses

Every bus will be able to run on biofuels readily available in Burkina Faso. In addition to this, Scania’s partner Volkswagen Camino Bus will deliver 126 minibuses that will be body built by Marcopolo. The minibuses will be operated on feeder lines.

“We are very proud to contribute to the urban mobility development of Greater Ouagadougou, with strong social and environmental effects,” says Nicolas Lougovoy, Scania’s Head of Strategic Projects for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region.

“We believe that the combination of skills between the Scania and our partner, the French-based public transport operator RATP, is undoubtedly one of the keys to the success of this innovative project. We hope that it will be a success story and a case study for the whole of Africa.”

Scania driver training

In addition to the buses, Scania and its partners will also supply a bus depot and extensive training to the bus drivers and technicians working for SOTRACO, Ouagadougou’s public transport company.

The agreement also includes Scania fleet management and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) equipment, while the project partners will also work on the development and implementation of local alternative fuel solutions to eventually achieve a fleet of buses that is 100% biodiesel.

“Sitting in Ghana as the representatives of Scania in the West Africa region, we are proud of our accomplishments in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and now Burkina Faso. Our goal is to make sustainable transport a reality for all countries in the region,” says Johan Kohler, Scania’s Managing Director for West Africa.

The BRT solution has also benefited from the support of Team Sweden, which is a partnership between the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Sweden in Burkina Faso, Business Sweden, Swedfund, the Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN), and the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK).

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Sweden’s First Scania Hydrogen Dump Truck Starts Work

Scania Hydrogen

Sweden’s first hydrogen-powered Scania refuse truck has recently started work on the streets of the country’s second largest city, Gothenburg. The business of garbage collection has just become cleaner.

The truck, which will pick up recycled materials from city businesses, is better for city air and noise quality and driver comfort because it’s completely silent and only emits clean water, the sole by-product of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Fuel cells

In fact, the propulsion, loading and compaction of the waste all take place with the electricity which is produced in the fuel cells. The heat generated is then used to heat the cab.

The innovative new vehicle is the result of 18 months of development by a consortium consisting of Scania, truck bodybuilder JOAB, fuel cell developer Powercell Sweden and the waste and recycling company Renova, which is owned by ten municipalities in western Sweden.

The initiative is supported financially by a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is also engaged in the project working with data collection and analysis for comparison with other alternative drivelines and vehicle fuels.

“The hydrogen truck is another step for us and our customers towards sustainable recycling and waste management,” says Anders Åström, Renova’s CEO.

Towards sustainable transportation

The Gothenburg project is also further proof of Scania’s commitment to driving the shift towards sustainable transport – on several different technological fronts.

Scania Hydrogen

Scania sees hydrogen fuel cell technology as a complement to battery-electric vehicles and the hydrogen garbage truck in Gothenburg is a welcome addition to the fight for cleaner transport.

“It shows once again how important the work with sustainability is, but also the importance of working in groups; that we do it together with partners,” says Joar Turesson, Product Marketing Manager at Scania Sweden.

“Now it will be interesting to follow the vehicle at the sharp end, as it operates in Gothenburg and the surrounding area.”

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Almuin Trading Signs Scania Ecolution Agreement

Almuin Trading

Almuin Trading Sdn Bhd (Almuin) became the first Scania New Truck Generation (NTG) LPG transporter in the East Coast of Malaysia to sign Ecolution in order to reduce its carbon footprint and impact to the environment.

“After getting delivery of the award-winning Scania New Truck Generation, I decided that we want to be a good company by signing Scania Ecolution, boosted by the Repair and Maintenance contract that I signed in the first quarter of 2021,” stated Amirol Ariff Azlam, Director of Almuin.

Scania Ecolution

Scania Ecolution is a tailor-made partnership between Scania and its customers that focuses on reducing its customers’ carbon footprint by lowering fuel consumption resulting in the reduction of emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Almuin Trading

The partnership also focuses on reducing operating cost, translating to improved profitability while fulfilling the growing demand for environmentally friendly initiatives.

“Our core business is the distributorship of Liquified Petroleum Gas in Kelantan. We get our LPG supply from Kerteh, Terengganu, 600 kilometres return daily and with the NTG, we are seeing good savings in its fuel consumption.”

3% savings

“On average, the NTG will do 18,000km to 20,000km per month, and with the NTG’s design features such as the advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions, we can see daily savings of 3 percent sometimes more.” said Amirol

Almuin invested in the NTG based on strong recommendations from friends in the business. The decision to go for the Scania brand was based on the successes, in terms of reducing operating expenditure by those Scania truck operators.

Almuin Trading

Amirol was confident enough to go by the tried and tested results of others without going through them himself.

“And most importantly, Scania has a Sales and Services centre in Kota Bharu, making it easy to maintain my Scania trucks and get maximum uptime for all my Scania prime movers.” stressed Amirol.

NTG benefits

Some of the notable features that benefit Almuin include the NTG’s new design and frontal shape, and chassis for improved dynamics; maintenance based on operation to increase uptime resulting in increased profitability, ergonomic driver control panel and enhanced driver seat adjustment close to the door for comfort.

Almuin Trading

As for safety, the Electronic Braking System (EBS) and the Speed Limiter makes the NTG, one of the safest prime movers in the world. Furthermore, the large windscreen that gives extended view is added safety and comfort for the driver.

“We are presently working towards securing the driver training and coaching subscription so that the driver’s performance in terms of lowering their idling time, harsh braking and speeding while increasing coasting can result in the ultimate reduction of fuel consumption,” said Amirol.

One stop solution with Scania

“Almuin has been a loyal Scania customer that believes in the Scania way of working and is serious about approaching carbon reduction with total solution. Dealing with Scania is like being at a one stop shop, from signing up for Repair & Maintenance to securing Financial Services with Scania, truly is a testament to this,” said Phang Yee Fong, Regional Manager – East, Scania Southeast Asia.

Almuin Trading

Almuin, stands for Ayer Lanas Multi Industry (formerly known as Perniagaan Haji Mustafa dan Anak-Anak), established in 1992 to trade and transport hardware products and has exclusive Petronas LPG distributorship for Jeli, Tanah Merah and Gua Musang, in Kelantan.

“We hope to expand the business by getting more cargo customers while trying to extend the reach for the LPG distributorship to areas where Petronas LPG is not distributed. And we plan to do it in a very environmentally friendly and sustainable manner through Scania Ecolution,” concluded Amirol.

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Mansang Trusts Scania to Transport Covid-19 Vaccine in Sarawak

Scania Mansang

Scania Malaysia today announced that its customer in Sarawak, Mansang Logistics Sdn Bhd (Mansang), is the company responsible for safely transporting the Covid-19 vaccine to frontliners all over the state, and the vehicle of choice has been the Scania NTG XT temperature-controlled rigid truck.

This very important task was recommended to Mansang for the Ministry of Health (MOH). Alex Lai Sian Ann (Alex), Managing Director of Mansang has taken responsibility to personally deliver the vaccines to the scheduled locations daily.

Critical assignment

“We at Scania have and will continue to ensure uptime support to Mansang Logistic in carrying out this very critical assignment as a service to our nation. We are very proud to be part of this very important journey in Sarawak with Alex,” stated Phang Yee Fong, Regional Manager for East Coast & East Malaysia, Scania Southeast Asia.

Scania Mansang

Mansang is one of the very few companies that could handle this highly delicate transportation procedure, hence the recommendation. Maintaining the required temperature of the vaccines was a task that the refrigerated boxtype Scania NTG XT rigid-type could easily handle.

Daily shipment

The vaccines are collected daily from MOH and are delivered straight to their designated frontline locations – hospitals and vaccination centres all over Sarawak. This is done by working closely with Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

“Delivering the vaccines with the Scania NTG XT rigid gives me a sense of safety and comfort with the Electronic Braking System (EBS) and will give me the necessary uptime needed to do the job. The farthest that we have gone in a day was almost 1,000 kilometres and due to the fuel savings that the Scania NTG gives us, we are not worried about running out of fuel in between petrol stations,” said Alex.

The Scania NTG XT rigid is designed and engineered to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency while lowering CO2 emissions with its advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that gives a minimum of 3% fuel economy.

Scania NTG XT

The Scania New Truck Generation XT is tailored to withstand challenging surroundings, securing uptime and boosting productivity with tougher exteriors and more power.

Scania Mansang

The cabin has adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic dashboard, and large windscreen with extended view make it easier for the driver to operate in a comfortable and safe environment.

“The Scania NTG XT rigid is one of the safest and most reliable truck I have ever experienced, ever since starting the Mansang business as a driver in 2010. All the truck’s features ensure that Mansang will deliver the vaccines to all the scheduled destinations safely and on time,” said Alex

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Absolut Put their Trust in Scania P320 Hybrid Trucks

Absolut Scania

Every day, the Absolut Company sends out around 600,000 bottles of its world-famous Absolut Vodka from its factory in southern Sweden to customers all over the globe. 

Now, its transports to the nearby harbour will be made by Scania P320 electric-hybrid trucks, slashing emissions and noise in the vodka distiller’s little hometown.

Ahus, the home of Absolut Vodka

The town of Åhus in southern Sweden has only 10,000 inhabitants, but it’s home to the world-famous Absolut Vodka brand.

Absolut Scania

The Absolut Company sends out some 600,000 bottles a day to customers all over the world, and the streets of this small seaside town are a blur of activity as several trucks belonging to haulier Åhus Åkeri constantly shuttle between the factory and the local harbour.

That’s an awful lot of bottles, and a lot of noise and carbon emissions for the people of Åhus; because until now three of the trucks belonging to the haulage company Åhus Åkeri have been running on biodiesel.

Climate-neutral Vodka

But The Absolut Company is committed to producing a climate-neutral vodka by 2030. It has already cut its direct production-related emissions by 98 percent, and now it’s focusing on climate-smart solutions with its partners and suppliers. A joint investment with Åhus Åkeri means the haulier is switching the fleet to Scania hybrid-electric trucks.

“We have a very strong connection to Åhus. As a large employer in a relatively small town, we have a great responsibility and are a natural part of the local community. This change, which means less emissions, exhaust fumes and noise, is not just a way for us to meet high sustainability goals; it is also a way to give back to Åhus,” 

The Scania P320 hybrid-electric

The transport investment includes three new Scania hybrid-electric P 320 trucks, Scania’s latest hybrid-electric model. The P 320 is powered by a combination of renewable fuel and electricity, reducing emissions by more than 90 percent compared with diesel-powered vehicles.

Åhus Åkeri has already been testing one of the hybrid-electric trucks over the past three years, and has also found that it’s much less noisy than the diesel trucks. For the people of Åhus, the noise level from the trucks is reduced from 81 decibels for the previous model to 65 decibels for the hybrids.

Less fuel

“Our hybrid trucks make it possible to drive without high noise levels and exhaust fumes, in the middle of city centres where people live and work. They also convert the energy generated during braking, which reduces fuel consumption by about 25 percent.”

“That’s good for the environment and for the haulier’s fuel economy, but perhaps most of all it’s good for Åhus, which is now an even nicer place,” says Jessica Björkquist, Senior Product Manager for Sustainable Solutions at Scania Sweden.

For Åhus Åkeri, the investment is a natural continuation of the close, long-term relationship that it has built up with Absolut.

A fruitful cooperation

“Our cooperation with The Absolut Company is actually more than just a business relationship. We learn from each other every day and we help each other to get better all the time.”

“The strict requirements for sustainable transport mean we have already reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent. Now we are also reducing our fuel consumption, and make it much less noisy for both the people of Åhus and our drivers,” says Andreas Jönsson, CEO of Åhus Åkeri.

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Scania Instalment Plan R&M7 Now Available in Malaysia

Scania Instalment Plan R&M7

Scania Malaysia recently announced the introduction of the new Scania Instalment Plan R&M7 as part of Scania Total Solution way of working.

The instalment plans with repair and maintenance are for four different logistics applications – shipping container, bulk transport, general cargo and tractor tipper.

From RM7,888 per month

From as low as MYR7,888 per month on-the-road, customers could own a brand new Scania truck, covered by insurance, with road tax and 7-year Repair & Maintenance Contract.

Scania Instalment Plan R&M7 gives customers a comprehensive logistical solution for a total peace-of-mind.

Profitability could be realised immediately with fixed and predictable monthly cost, knowing that their fleet of Scania trucks are in good hands to secure uptime while they generate revenue through their day-to-day business operation.

Optimise profitability

“The instalment plans with repair & maintenance contracts are designed for our customers to secure and optimise profitability through this unique ownership model that truly covers the total cost of operation. Our customer will also enjoy the best fuel consumption and the best CO2 emission reduction which contributes to their profitability throughout the life of the truck,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

Shipping Container

Scania trucks with the new plan for Shipping Container can achieve the best fuel consumption up to 4.0 km/litre and the best CO2 emission reduction up to 0.82kg/km.

Bulk Transport

For the Bulk Transport application, the best fuel consumption can be up to 3.6 km/litre while the best CO2 emission reduction can be up to 0.81 kg/km. General Cargo application’s best fuel consumption can be up to 3.6 km/litre, while the best CO2 emission reduction can be up to 0.77 kg/km.

Tractor Tipper

Tractor Tipper’s best fuel consumption can be up to 2.0 km/litre, while the best CO2 emission reduction can be up to 0.93 kg/km. All of these from a Scania Instalment Plan R&M7.

“We continue to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system that delivers the needs of our customers. We want our customers to look at Scania as their business partner to secure business success today and tomorrow,” stated Heba.

Call +603 7845 1000, email smyenquiries@scania.com or visit scania.com.my to find out how Scania Total Solution can help business achieve the best profitability now and for the future.

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Scania Data-Driven Services Launched in Malaysia

Scania XT_2

Scania Malaysia today announced the introduction of Scania Data-Driven Services in Malaysia.

The brand’s Data-Driven Services is a smart solution for customers to achieve better uptime, profitability and sustainability in the new age of logistics.

A suite of packages

This is achieved through implementing the right technology to get the right data and offer customers a suite of packages that would help make better and more informed fleet management decisions.

Every Scania made is full of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity.

These constantly connected vehicles and engines in use all over the world today provide data that doesn’t only improve Scania’s engineering, but are created and offered as packages that provide customers with direct business value.

A wide spectrum

Anything from lowering fuel consumption to reducing wear and maintenance needs, all the way to automating tedious administrative work.

scania data-driven services

No matter if the customers operate a mixed or Scania fleet. Simply put – Scania focuses on the data, so customers can keep their focus on running their businesses.

On top of the 10 years free subscription of Monitoring Package, customers will also receive Fleet Management System vehicles report and get Service Planning access.

The packages available

If upgraded to Control Package, customers can get report on Advanced Vehicle Performances, Driver Evaluation, Service Planning and Fleet Positioning updates based on 1-minute intervals.

With the Data Access Package, customers will receive basic vehicle data, featuring dates and status of scheduled Scania workshop services on system via API. Additional functions of Fleet Position detailing longitude, latitude and speed on vehicles via API can also be accessed.

There is also the Scania Zone: Speed Control package that has speed restrictions or compliance pre-sets upon vehicle entering designated geofencing zone.

Virtual Coaching and Driver Evaluation

Drivers and operators can also get Virtual Coaching service and receive Driver Evaluation plus Service Planning via the Scania Fleet mobile app and Fleet Management Portal through Driver Evaluation with Virtual Coaching package.

Customers with older fleet will not be left out with Retrofit Communicator package as Scania can retrofit trucks, buses and coaches with Scania Fleet Management System vehicle interface.


Last but not least, in conjunction with the Scania First 50 Years celebration, and for a limited period, drivers who subscribed to the Driver Training and Coaching Services get a FREE F50Y polo tee.

“Big data is king. As we celebrate the First 50 Years in Malaysia (F50Y), we are proud to continue to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, using it.

Scania Data-Driven Services will support our customers in the next 50 years and beyond, towards better uptime, profitability and sustainability,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

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New Scania Outlet in Senai Now Open for Business

Scania Senai

The new Scania Malaysia sales & service branch in Senai, Johor, is now open. It is a sustainability flagship branch located at Lot 39795, Jalan Idaman, Taman Perindustrian Senai, 81400 Senai, Johor Darul Ta’zim.

“We have been in Johor since 2002. The state is the Southern gateway to the vast transportation network in Peninsular Malaysia. So, the move to bigger and more advanced premises in Senai meets the growing demand for Scania from customers both within and outside the state,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

5,000 square metres

The new premises boast 5,000 square metres of land with wide open spaces and plenty of green-lung landscaping. LED lights are used throughout the premises.

A water harvesting system, an integrated state-of-the-art oil dispensing system, a waste oil-management system and an environmental station to ensure segregation and recycling of waste; are all installed to meet Scania’s sustainability objectives.

16 workplaces

Solar panels will be next to be installed in order to harness renewable energy from the abundance of sunlight in Malaysia. The workshop has 16 workplaces, an overhead crane; all run by a team of highly trained employees.

Scania Senai

“Our wide range of products and services continue to support our customers’ operations providing maximum uptime and fuel economy. They understand that in order to achieve this, their Scania trucks, buses and coaches need scheduled maintenance,” said Anders Liss, Regional Manager – Region South.

Scania ‘Home’ workshop

With a Scania Contract, customers have a ‘home’ workshop and a service team with thorough knowledge of Scania vehicles. The increasingly popular Repair and Maintenance Contract ensures that Scania vehicles and engines are covered – from powertrain protection to full bumper to bumper coverage.

Scania Senai

Our service team ensures customers get quality advice, maintenance and parts when needed. Scania Parts continue to be available and delivered fast, supported by Asia Parts Centre in Singapore. Through connectivity with the Scania Fleet Management System, real-time vehicle data can help with proactive and preventive services to maximise customers’ uptime and operating economy.

Reducing carbon emissions

“Scania continues to lead the shift towards a sustainable transport system. Our customers appreciate our industry-leading fuel-saving vehicles but also our partnership to reduce carbon emissions,” said Anders. “Here in Johor, customers like Mohd Sidek Amzah Enterprise, Naidu Trans Logistic and Narita Shipping & Transport are leading the way towards a greener future with Scania Ecolution.”

“We recognise the challenges that the country and the Johor state is facing now with the pandemic and the restrictions, yet we continue to believe in and invest in Johor. So, not only will this facility advance our long history of supporting transportation in Johor but also spearhead the newer, more profitable and sustainable future of the state together with our customers,” concluded Heba.

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Naidu Trans Put Their Trust in Scania

Scania Naidu

Naidu Trans Logistics Sdn Bhd (Naidu Trans) achieved better results in its Scania Ecolution partnership in reducing their carbon footprint after signing the Maintenance contract with Scania for their Scania prime movers.

A key player in the logistics and transportation industry in the southern state of Johor, Naidu Trans, the Skudai-based company services the entire state of Johor as well as deliveries to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and up north to Ipoh and Penang, transporting an average of 700 to 800 freight containers per month.

Premium services

Naidu Trans is run by Managing Director, Boss Naidu, and assisted by son Gajendran and provide the most premium services to its customers while maintaining their care for the environment by investing in the right products and contracted services.

Scania Naidu

“Our trucks are on the road almost 24/7, so it’s important for us to have the trucks serviced and well-maintained to withstand all the harsh elements that they go through when on-the road with the maximum uptime possible. Operationally, I vouch for the Scania trucks for its unbeatable performance. The Scania Ecolution partnership agreement that we signed over a year ago is showing positive results and it synchs very well with our Maintenance contracts,” commented Boss Naidu.

Scania Maintenance

Scania knows every single vehicle inside out – the reason why Naidu subscribe to Scania Maintenance. Scania’s maintenance procedures are proactive to avoid time-consuming and costly problems from occurring to maximise uptime and lower Naidu Trans’ operating costs.

Scania Maintenance contract also gives predictable costs, so Naidu Trans can focus its time and energy on its business, worry-free. By individually optimising the different modules in its service plan, Scania ensures via the maintenance contract that downtime is planned and only occurs when absolutely necessary.

Scania Naidu

Furthermore, Naidu Trans is very happy with the after-sales service as Scania is always close to offer all the necessary assistance when needed. In addition, with Scania Assistance, Naidu Trans has access to the Scania network of workshops, stocked with available spare parts for quick repairs, 24-hours a day.

Reducing carbon footprint

To provide premium service, Naidu Trans empowers its drivers to perform better while on the job as better performing drivers can improve the company’s performance as well as help to reduce Naidu Trans overall carbon footprint.

With the Scania Fleet Management System (FMS) Control 10, Naidu Trans can further fine-tune its drivers to reach their best potential. An incentive programme was also created to award drivers with excellent performance in terms of lowering their idling time, harsh braking and speeding while increasing coasting resulting in the ultimate reduction of fuel consumption.

Equivalent to 667 trees

Naidu Trans commitment towards sustainability is evident by the results it managed to achieve within months of being a part of the Scania Ecolution partnership and the Maintenance contract. The company reduced its CO2 emissions by a further 41,465kg for the first quarter of 2021 which is equivalent to planting approximately 667 trees that has been flourishing for the past one year.

“I truly like the fact that we are considered ’A Good Company’ and as we are one of the first Scania Ecolution partners in Johor we want to set a good example of how we can truly reduce the impact to the environment.”

Signing the Maintenance contract was another positive catalyst towards our steady growth. We recorded good results within the first few months of signing the Scania Ecolution agreement in 2019 and are showing better results in 2021 because at the end of the day, lowering our fuel consumption and CO2 benefits the environment and of course our future generation,” summarized Boss Naidu.

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