Scania Data-Driven Services Launched in Malaysia
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Scania Data-Driven Services Launched in Malaysia

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Scania Malaysia today announced the introduction of Scania Data-Driven Services in Malaysia.

The brand’s Data-Driven Services is a smart solution for customers to achieve better uptime, profitability and sustainability in the new age of logistics.

A suite of packages

This is achieved through implementing the right technology to get the right data and offer customers a suite of packages that would help make better and more informed fleet management decisions.

Every Scania made is full of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity.

These constantly connected vehicles and engines in use all over the world today provide data that doesn’t only improve Scania’s engineering, but are created and offered as packages that provide customers with direct business value.

A wide spectrum

Anything from lowering fuel consumption to reducing wear and maintenance needs, all the way to automating tedious administrative work.

scania data-driven services

No matter if the customers operate a mixed or Scania fleet. Simply put – Scania focuses on the data, so customers can keep their focus on running their businesses.

On top of the 10 years free subscription of Monitoring Package, customers will also receive Fleet Management System vehicles report and get Service Planning access.

The packages available

If upgraded to Control Package, customers can get report on Advanced Vehicle Performances, Driver Evaluation, Service Planning and Fleet Positioning updates based on 1-minute intervals.

With the Data Access Package, customers will receive basic vehicle data, featuring dates and status of scheduled Scania workshop services on system via API. Additional functions of Fleet Position detailing longitude, latitude and speed on vehicles via API can also be accessed.

There is also the Scania Zone: Speed Control package that has speed restrictions or compliance pre-sets upon vehicle entering designated geofencing zone.

Virtual Coaching and Driver Evaluation

Drivers and operators can also get Virtual Coaching service and receive Driver Evaluation plus Service Planning via the Scania Fleet mobile app and Fleet Management Portal through Driver Evaluation with Virtual Coaching package.

Customers with older fleet will not be left out with Retrofit Communicator package as Scania can retrofit trucks, buses and coaches with Scania Fleet Management System vehicle interface.


Last but not least, in conjunction with the Scania First 50 Years celebration, and for a limited period, drivers who subscribed to the Driver Training and Coaching Services get a FREE F50Y polo tee.

“Big data is king. As we celebrate the First 50 Years in Malaysia (F50Y), we are proud to continue to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, using it.

Scania Data-Driven Services will support our customers in the next 50 years and beyond, towards better uptime, profitability and sustainability,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

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