Malaysian Moto GP Mechanic Habib Inspires Students
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Malaysian Moto GP Mechanic Habib Inspires Students

Habib Petronas

The only Malaysian mechanic in the MotoGP scene, Hibbatuulah Bin Mohamad Fuad, or more fondly referred to as Habib, recently inspired more than 250 future automotive students from Despark College with real-life industry insights to empower the next generation of working professionals in the motorsports industry.

Since the onset of the global health crisis, university students in Malaysia have had to experience virtual learning for over a year, bringing with it a range of challenges.

Inspiring students

For students studying in vocational schools that involve mastering practical hands-on skills, these challenges are intensified.

Habib Petronas

The virtual talk session was organised by Petronas Lubricants International, the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of Petronas, in collaboration with DesparkCollege, a local leading automotive and aircraft maintenance college, as the second installation of its ‘Shaping Industry-ready Graduates’ series.

Students from Despark College were excited to hear about Hibbatuulah Bin Mohamad Fuad, or more fondly referred to as Habib’s professional journey from a young budding mechanic to his present role as a professional mechanic for Petronas Sprinta Racing, a Moto2 team in the MotoGP World Championship.

Inspiring future generation

“At Petronas Lubricants, we believe that there are opportunities for industry leaders within our ranks to take their vast knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of those within the automotive industry. This collaboration with Despark College aims to do just that – to enrich the learning experience of these students with exclusive industry insights and learnings, and most importantly, to bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge,” expressed Giuseppe Pedretti, Regional Managing Director Asia, Petronas Lubricants International.

Habib Petronas

Despark College students were able to gain insights into the automotive industry as well as hear from Habib’s experience as one of mechanics for Petronas Sprinta Racing, who has worked with some of the best engineers and scientists in the field.

Habib’s role at Petronas

Part of his role as a Moto2 team mechanic is to work with the fluids and lubricants developed by Petronas’ Fluid Technology Solutions, which significantly contributes to the team’s performance and provides the team with a competitive advantage.  

Commenting further on the collaboration, Ahmad Firdaus Mansor, Business Development Manager of Despark College commented, “For us at Despark College, we care deeply about the quality of education and the learning experience of our students, especially in challenging times.

The collaboration with Petronas Lubricants is clearly providing our students with the relevant industry insights to further prepare our students.”

The challenges

Apart from describing the technicalities of his job, Habib also shared the challenges and highlights of supporting the Petronas Sprinta Racing Team, and gave career advice to the students.

This event is organised as part of Petronas Lubricant International’s ‘Shaping Industry-Ready Graduates’ Series with the objective of bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge in the motorsports industry.

The first series in April 2021, featured En De Liow, a Petronas Trackside Fluid Engineer who works closely with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. 

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