New Scania XT Joins STLS Group’s Fleet

Scania XT, part of the wide range of the New Truck Generation, has entered the construction segment in Malaysia with Sara Transport and Logistic Services Group (STLS Group) receiving the first Scania XT, ready to tackle the toughest challenges while securing uptime and boosting productivity.

The Scania XT has a robust design that can be combined with all cabs and engines to take on the harsh working conditions in particular within the construction and mining industries.

Visually, the highly sturdy heavy-duty bumper that protrudes 150 mm in front of the cab coupled with the skid plate and headlamp protection mesh lend the XT a distinctive appearance that signals both strength and toughness.

These features also provide extra protection against fairly heavy impact or collisions to the truck’s front. An easily accessible towing bolt that is classified for 40 tonnes is also available at the front in case the truck has to pull something out or should it need assistance when laden.

In addition, the Scania XT is part of Scania’s modular system whereby XT customers are able to tailor-made solutions that fit with their business requirements allowing the XT to perform different applications such as tipper, mixer, skip loader, flatbed with crane, and heavy haulage.

The customisable interior that is designed to be dirt and dust resistant also provides the driver with a safe and comfortable working environment.

STLS Group recently purchased 2 units of Scania’s New Truck Generation G460A6X4NZ XT model under a hire purchase agreement with Scania Credit Malaysia to strengthen the premier bulk sand supplier’s current fleet.

The Scania XT truck also come with a two-year Repair and Maintenance Package to provide STLS Group with peace-of-mind and maximum uptime while focusing on their profitability. Currently, STLS Group owns 6 Scania PGR range that are under two-year Maintenance Package and has been a Scania customer since 2012.

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