MARA Gets 32 New HINO Midibus to be used in rural areas
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MARA Gets 32 New HINO Midibus to be used in rural areas


Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (HMSM) recently handed over 32 units of the HINO XZU720R-HKFRL1 midibus model to its loyal fleet customer, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA). The handover was held in conjunction with the launching of MARA’s Investment Directory program.

MARA said that the 32 new units of HINO midibus will be used in rural areas in Peninsular Malaysia in an effort to improve the bus network in these areas.

40 years and counting

HINO vehicles have been part of MARA bus network for the past 40 years and continue growing their relationship as the government agency decided to expand their bus facilities.

MARA has been experiencing the after-sales service served by HMSM for many years as around 70% of its bus network is HINO vehicles. When highlighting what makes MARA choose to be a loyal customer to HINO Brand, he praised HINO on its QDR: Quality, Durability, and Reliability of HINO product with competitive and reasonable price as well as a fuel-efficient product.


In line with its tagline ‘Transporting Every Happiness’, HMSM is honoured to be part of the MARA public transport network since the early journey of HINO brand in Malaysia and looks forward to setting a new standard of excellence for the industry and continue to give the best to society.

HMSM Managing Director, Atsushi Uchiyama said, “A million thanks to MARA for the trust and confidence in HINO product. HMSM will give our best support through the most efficient and reliable way. It is also our commitment to sustain a close customer relationship by listening and understanding the changing need of our customers and respond to them immediately.”

The midibus

As the sole Japanese manufacturer for midibuses in Malaysia, HINO midibus comes with a powerful 156 PS engine and a 6-speed manual transmission, making the 8-10 meter midibus the best model to be used as a hop-on-hop-off public transport in rural areas.

The HINO midibus is fitted with Tubeless Tyre, reassuring safety by slow release of air in cases of tyre puncture and prevents the vehicle from instant failure. This allows driver to drive an additional distance to a safer place for tyre change. Apart from advantage on safety, the tubeless tyre is also able to enhance fuel efficiency. Its lighter in weight with lower rolling resistance helps in reducing fuel consumption.

hino mara

In compliance with United Nations Regulation (UNR) by JPJ, this midibus is fitted with Energy-Absorbing Steering Wheel and Speed Limiter setting at 100km/h.

Driver training

HMSM also takes an initiative to improve driving skills among commercial vehicle drivers through the establishment of its training centre, Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC) in Sendayan. Putting the priority of its fleet drivers, MARA has also registered all their bus drivers to undergo professional driver training offered by HMSM.

Through this training, drivers will be given intensive courses that focus on driver safety, eco-cien driving, and driver familiarisation that have proven. Upon completion, savings of up to 10% in fuel economy can be achieved and with enhanced driving skill, MARA believes it will narrow down the risk of an accident to occur.

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