KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio Electric Bikes to Get Swappable Batteries
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KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio Electric Bikes to Get Swappable Batteries

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As the whole global automotive scene is heading towards electromobility, it is not only the car and truck companies that have accelerated their efforts towards the shift, but also motorcycle brands.

While commercial vehicle brands have already started testing semi-autonomous driving technology and delivering electric powered trucks across Europe, electric cars have made even more progress.

Even our market has witnessed the arrival of numerous electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and various Tesla models among others.

Come to think about it, it would not be an exaggeration to say that everything from prime movers to scooters will be powered by batteries instead of engines within the next few decades, and looks like there is not going to be two ways about it.

Yamaha EC-05

Interchangeable batteries

That being said, the most recent development in the transformation towards electromobility is that Honda (motorcycles) has signed a letter of intent with KTM, Piaggio, and Yamaha to set up a Swappable Batteries Consortium for Motorcycles and Light Electric Vehicles in the near future.

In line with the transition towards electromobility, the founding members of the Consortium believe that the availability of a standardized swappable battery system would both promote the widespread use of light electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable life-cycle management of batteries used in the transport sector. 

Also, by extending the range, shortening the charging time and lowering vehicle and infrastructure costs, the manufacturers will try to answer customers’ main concerns regarding the future of electromobility.  

The aim of the Consortium will, therefore, be to define the standardized technical specifications of the swappable battery system for vehicles belonging to mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and even ATVs.

International standards

By working closely with interested stakeholders and national, European and international standardization bodies, the founding members of the Consortium will be involved in the creation of international technical standards.

The Consortium will start its activities in May 2021. The four founding members encourage all interested stakeholders to join the cooperation to enrich the Consortium’s expertise.

“For the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles, problems such as travel distance and charging times need to be addressed, and swappable batteries are a promising solution. Considering customer convenience, standardization of swappable batteries and wide adoption of battery systems is vital, which is why the four member manufacturers agreed to form the Consortium,” said Noriaki Abe, Managing Officer, Motorcycle Operations, Honda Motor

Honda views improving the customers’ usage environment as an area to explore cooperation with other manufacturers, while bringing better products and services to customers through competition. Honda will work hard on both fronts to be the ‘chosen’ manufacturer for customer mobility.”

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