2021 Honda X-ADV Unveiled, Along 6 New Models
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2021 Honda X-ADV Unveiled, Along 6 New Models

2021 Honda X-ADV

As we approach a new year, it is not only the car manufacturers who are busily preparing to unveil their 2021 models, but also bike brands. That being said, Honda Motor Europe yesterday revealed not one or two, but seven 2021 year models, out of which five are available here in Malaysia.  

Out of the seven models, six models are basically updated versions of existing models while one is completely new. The models are:

2021 Honda SH Mode

2021 honda x-adv

The entry level Honda SH Mode is powered by a new, more powerful eSP+ engine for 2021, capable of delivering an impressive fuel economy of 47.6km/l, which sits in a new, lighter frame.

2021 Honda SH350i

2021 honda x-adv

A new more powerful 350cc eSP+ engine sees the SH350i replace the SH300i at the head of the SH family. In addition to the extra capacity, improvements to both breathing and cooling bring even sharper acceleration and class-leading top end power. The SH350i also features a new LCD meter, a USB charging port, larger storage space, Honda Smart Key, Honda Selectable Torque Control, and new wheels.

2021 Honda PCX125

2021 honda x-adv

The new Honda PCX 125 for 2021 is driven by a more powerful and fuel efficient eSP+ four valve water-cooled engine that now features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). Completely new bodywork brings a futuristic new look, flowing back from the redesigned LED headlight, complete with signature running lights, to the X-shaped rear.

A new lighter steel frame promotes nimble handling, and is paired with longer, larger twin rear shocks and new wheels with bigger tires for a more comfortable, composed ride. Practicality is enhanced further by increased underseat luggage space (up 2.4 liters to 30.4 liters) and a USB charging port.

2021 Honda NC750X

2021 honda x-adv

Updates on the Honda NC750X for 2021 includes an updated engine which now makes 43kW, with a 600rpm increase to the redline. A 6kg weight reduction and shorter ratios for the first three gears add further to a sportier feel, as do sharper design lines and smaller fairings. 

Practicality is also further enhanced by an increase in volume of the unique central storage area to 23 liters, new screen, full color LCD instrument panel, USB port and 30mm lower seat; Honda Selectable Torque Control settings now offer finer levels of control and Emergency Stop Signals are an additional feature, while fuel economy remains an attractively low 28.3km/l. 

2021 Honda X-ADV

2021 honda x-adv

For 2021, the X-ADV receives a major update with improvements to engine and chassis coupled with a sharper new look and new technologies.

The X-ADV shares many of the NC750X’s updates, with a sportier ride from a 3kW power increase (to 43kW), optimized gear ratios, reworked frame and 3kg weight reduction, plus enhanced technology in the shape of new rider modes operating through Throttle by Wire, and refinements to the Dual Clutch Transmission and Honda Selectable Torque Control settings.

The design refresh brings an even more rugged overall appearance, with a new signature touch of dual LED Daytime Running Lights; practicality is also elevated, with increased weather protection from a new screen, a new 1.2L glovebox, and a bigger (22 liters) underseat storage compartment which now houses a USB charging port. 

The X-ADV will also feature the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system as standard. The technology – that first appeared on the new Forza 750 – allows riders to use handlebar switches and (via a headset) voice commands to control important functions of their Smartphone, including calls, navigation, music and messaging, via a bespoke app. All information is shown on the new 5 inch TFT screen.

2021 Honda CB1000R and CB1000R Black Edition

2021 honda x-adv

The flagship of the Honda’s Neo Sports Café range, the CB1000R, is updated with new, even more minimalist and purposeful ‘hunched forward’ styling. The signature round headlight, now housed in a teardrop-shaped surround, is now angled backwards, sending the eye back past the smaller side shrouds to the redesigned upward-slanting rear subframe. Intricately-crafted new seven spoke wheels add further aesthetic depth.

The new CB1000R Black Edition on the other hand, amplifies the more aggressive outlook even further, complementing the new lines with a hand-crafted ‘custom’ look, thanks to the Deep Graphite Black paint scheme and black headlight bezel, fly-screen, fork stanchions, radiator shrouds, airbox covers, exhaust and muffler details. 

The CBR1000RR Fireblade-derived inline four-cylinder engine offers smoother delivery and response from revised fuel injection settings, and both CB1000R and CB1000R ‘Black Edition’ feature the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, connecting to a new state-of-the-art full color 5-inch TFT display. 

2021 Honda CB125R

Last but not least, we have the 2021 Honda CB125R which features a new 4 valve liquid-cooled engine, which now delivers the maximum 11kW for the A1 license category, and an extra 1.2Nm torque.

In a world’s first for a 125cc motorcycle, the CB125R is now fitted with Showa’s ‘Separate Function front fork Big Piston’ (SFF-BP) USD forks as standard, further elevating a top level spec sheet that includes LED lights, LCD display and ABS system operating through an IMU, with 296mm floating front disc held by a radial mounted 4-piston caliper.

Check out the official Press Release here.

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