Understanding The Importance of Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) In Malaysia

Understanding The Importance of Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) In Malaysia

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What is IMI? This is an English learning Institute that provides a syllabus to train apprentices for workshops, car dealers and the automotive aftermarket industry. Let us share with you some information on what IMI does and how it helps the biggest and fastest and most vibrant industry in our consumer market.

  1. There are 21 training centres around Malaysia that offer training and certification.
  2. IMI believes that Malaysia will be hub for them as there is a higher level of after sales professionalism moving into the market with hybrid cars and high technology cars sold at an increasing rate.
  3. IMI even has certified training programs for hybrid cars which has been a growing concern for Malaysians as Malaysia has the highest sales of hybrid vehicles in the region.
  4. IMI is working tightly with Bermaz Motor in training their workshops staff and this is already on going for a few years where the trained mechanics have already worked at Bermaz service outlets and their efficiency has increased in the last few years which relates to better after sales technicians which have resulted in better customer services. This has resulted in Bermaz Motor customer satisfaction index slowly going up year on year.
  5. IMI believes in human capital investment which relates back to a better professional standards and realising better individual standards to allow them to grow further.
  6. The industry has evolved in in terms of materials used. Today there are no longer just steel panels. You have composite, aluminium and other advanced materials and to fix and work with this new materials need new techniques and IMI provides this in their training programs and the skills training is constantly upgraded and regularly evolves with the industry.
  7. There are now around 150 different roles in a workshop floor which means you need 150 different people with 150 different career paths in the aftermarket automotive sector.
  8. The workshop technician has primarily been a low paying job and this has to change and has changed in recent years where new workshops apprentice have learnt and evolved their knowledge and skills to become workshop owners.
  9. The car is constantly evolving and today we no longer have just a mechanical car. Electric cars, self-driving cars, hybrid cars are moving the workshop to become high technical centre as mechanics now become computer and tech specialists which relates to higher training, higher education and ultimately it relates to higher incomes.
  10. IMI is slowly increasing it technical training in Malaysia by taking in more students as the year’s progress and this will drive manufacturers to offer better after sales with their longer warranties.

IMI is transforming the automotive industry by setting, upholding and promoting professional standards – driving skills acquisition, establishing clearer career paths, and boosting public confidence.   IMI’s online Professional Register is here to make sure consumers are in skilled, competent and trustworthy hands.bPlease visit www.theimi.org.uk to find out more.

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