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Volvo Trucks Achieves Historic Sales Results in 2019

Volvo Trucks today announced that it has logged its best truck sales performance in the history of its 50 years of business operation in Malaysia with a total of 479 units of prime movers and rigid trucks sold to customers in the financial year 2019. The figures represent a 6.5% increase, selling 29 units more than the 450 total units sold in 2018.

Out of the 2019 total trucks sold, more than 70% are of the Volvo FM models, while the rest were made up of Volvo FMX and Volvo FH models.

Mitch Peden, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd said, We are extremely pleased to have achieved such a remarkable and record-breaking overall result for the year despite some market challenges such as the changes in regulations, more intense competition and stringent loan approvals. Our sales volume increased despite the local heavy-duty truck market having experienced a decline by an estimate of 13% last year.  

“Our sales performance is a positive sign of Volvo Trucks’ continuous and sustained growth in Malaysia, enabling us to start the new year with stronger momentum and energy.” 

Volvo Trucks’ stellar performance also helped increase its market share in the prime mover segment to 26% in 2019, in spite of a stagnant growth for prime mover segment last year, based on data released by the Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA).

According to Volvo Trucks, its sales volume has been growing in the past 10 years with a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13% since 2010, and taking a leading position in the prime mover segment.

“Our stellar truck sales performance in 2019 is the fruit of our labour from all the continuous commitments we have underscored in conjunction with Volvo Trucks’ 50 years’ anniversary in Malaysia. It is a very significant achievement for us, which is partially supported by fleet replacement exercises by several of our key customers,” added Peden.

In conjunction with its 50years’ anniversary, Volvo Trucks had also introduced several improvements on product and service quality for enhanced aftermarket support. Among these were the launch of Volvo Uptime Promise, a first-in-the-market feature for its Gold Service Agreement customers. This unique benefit provides monetary compensation to customers who has a truck on a breakdown time that exceeds Volvo Trucks’ 12 hours committed time to put the truck back on the road.  

“The introduction of Volvo Uptime Promise has helped to strengthen our aftermarket offers and value proposition in the market through the Gold Service Agreement, and this is one of the important contributors to our success last year. Eventually, truck uptime is very crucial for transport operations and we are very committed to helping our customers maintain this aspect,” Peden commented.

Volvo Uptime Promise also includes effective planning and prediction of truck component wear and tear, enabling Volvo Trucks to proactively help their customers plan truck maintenance schedule.

“Last year, our management team took the opportunity to visit many of our key customers in various parts of Malaysia and to celebrate our 50 years’ anniversary with them. We recognize the importance of customer engagement and we want to understand their business needs and further strengthen ties,” said Peden.

He also shared that many of Volvo Trucks’ key customers in Malaysia have grown together with the company through repeated purchases.

He attributed their support and trust to Volvo Trucks’ continuous improvement in enhancing quality deliverables for its products and services, and consistent aftermarket support through all its 13 dealers in the country. This also include value-added features that offers 300,000km warranty and 24 months’ fitted parts warranty, and financing scheme by Volvo Financial Service (VFS) with 2.88% special interest program for customers who fulfilled selected criteria.

In addition, last year the company also introduced two other features in its product offering, the Volvo Torque Assist (VTA) and Active Safety Package, which help to improve on fuel efficiency and streamline the execution of safe driving on the road respectively.

“We want our customers to know that we truly value their loyalty and support and that Volvo Trucks is committed to be their long-term partner. The strong relationships that we have built with our customers is without a doubt, a very significant factor to our success. We continue to look forward to progress into this new decade with them,” Peden concluded.


Volvo Trucks Donates A 4×2 Rigid Truck To Kechara Soup Kitchen


Volvo Trucks, one of the world’s largest heavy-duty truck brands, recently launched its corporate social responsibility initiative comprising the contribution of a heavy-duty Volvo FM330 4×2 rigid truck complete with customised body frabrication to the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society (KSK) , a registered non‐profit organisation that provides food sustenance and basic medical care for the homeless and poor communities in Malaysia.

The initiative is part of Volvo Group’s global corporate social responsibility programme called the Seasonal Gift which is carried out annually around the globe, with the key objective to creating better welfare and prosperity for local communities by supporting meaningful social causes.

The truck, once handed over to KSK, will serve as a multi-purpose vehicle for food collection and distribution, mobile clinic and mobile space for educational activities for poor communities in the rural areas.

Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia shares, “We at Volvo Trucks are very excited to have identified KSK as the beneficiary of our Seasonal Gift corporate social responsibility fund. The decision to donate a truck to KSK was a logical one, given that all their charity work is fully in line with Volvo Trucks’ core values of quality, safety and environmental care.

“KSK’s charity efforts emphasise on reducing hunger and social issues, which help raise the quality of life for the homeless and poor families from all backgrounds. We also understand that KSK has been actively running a food bank programme and had been facing several logistical challenges. Thus, we believe our truck can truly help KSK to operate more effectively for the benefit of the communities.

“At Volvo Trucks, our dedication to social responsibility means that we support a range of health, safety and educational projects. And the majority of our social commitments take place at the local level where we can directly make a big difference,” Peden adds.


KSK was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organisation that offers street distribution of free food, drinks and basic first aid to the homeless and those in need, regardless of race or religion.Over the years, KSK had also established mobile clinic that gives free health checks and counselling services to the homeless and poor, and a food bank programme through partnerships with brands such as Tesco, AEON, Munchy’s and The Westin Hotel. The organisation operates based on its motto ‘Hunger Knows No Barriers’ and its belief that compassion for the less fortunate should be as wide reaching as possible. Since it started, KSK has delivered over 1.5 million meals to-date.

Henry Ooi, President of KSK said, “We are very honoured to receive this generosity from Volvo Trucks and its partners who are supporting this truck donation initiative. Through our food bank programme, we collect large amount of food surpluses from donors and deliver to multiple locations on a daily basis. In doing so, our drivers had to make multiple trips as we only have a small vehicle. This truck donation and fund-raising initiative spearheaded by Volvo Trucks will undoubtedly increase our efficiency and capacity, enabling us to save time and food wastage. We will definitely be able to help more people in the community too. For this, we are immensely grateful.”

Ooi also shared that KSK’s long-term mission is to reduce the flow of homeless people living on the streets by providing a building center as a place for training and assistance to help make the homeless employable and for them to re-enter society.

On the truck donation, Volvo Trucks said that it will take several months to have the truck fully ready. This is because it involves various aspects from designing, planning and building the customised truck body to handling matters concerning licensing and approvals. Thus, the actual handover of the completed truck will be done in the second quarter of next year.

As lead sponsor, Volvo Trucks will be donating the truck chassis and is also collaborating with industry partner Seri Zenith Engineering Sdn Bhd, a manufacturer of semi-trailers and bodies for commercial vehicles to plan and fabricate the custom-designed body of the truck specially for KSK.

According to Peden, the required fund for truck body fabrication is RM150,000, in which Volvo Trucks is hoping to raise funds and is inviting industry players to be part of this initiative by sponsoring a Platinum package of RM15,000 or a Gold package of RM5,000.

As of now, in addition to Seri Zenith Engineering, other industry players who have confirmed their participation in this fund-raising initiative as Platinum sponsors are Taipanco Sdn Bhd and Asian Trucker Media Sdn Bhd, and as Gold sponsors are the Association of Malaysian Hauliers (AMH) and Aimtrans Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd. Companies who contribute as Platinum sponsors will have their logos printed on the truck body.

Any excess of funds beyond the truck body fabrication cost will be donated to KSK. Parties who are keen to contribute may get in touch with Volvo Trucks’ headquarters in Shah Alam or donate directly to KSK’s Maybank account number 5122-3133-4874 by referencing it to ”Volvo Food Truck”. All donations for this initiative are eligible for tax deduction.

Apart from donating the truck chasis and spearheading this initiative, Volvo Trucks will also be covering the costs for acquiring Goods Driving License for the drivers and truck repair and maintenance. On top of that, Volvo Trucks will also be providing free training for KSK’s truck drivers on how to maximise all the safety and fuel-efficient features of the Volvo FM truck.

“As a leading heavy-duty truck brand in the industry, it is important that we take it upon ourselves to welcome and encourage the trucking community to come together and be part of this meaningful project. We believe this can be a great community effort that could bring a wider social impact. Beyond donating a truck, I also look forward to encouraging Volvo Trucks’ employees and customers to participate in KSK’s various charitable initiatives. At the end of the day, we want to create value and sustainability for the communities in the environment that we operate,” Peden says.

Peden also shared that Malaysia is one of the seven countries among Volvo Group’s global operations that has been awarded with the Seasonal Gift corporate social responsibility fund and that this is the second time Volvo Trucks in Malaysia has received it. Two years ago in 2017, Volvo Trucks used the fund for the Bario community in Sarawak, which went into the construction of fire-fighting system for the longhouse and five eco-shelters along the Kelabit community’s heritage trail in the jungle.

“This truly underscored the importance of Malaysia as a market for us. The nod we got from our global headquarters to carry out such high-impact charity projects and to give back to the communities here has made Volvo Truck’s 50th year anniversary in Malaysia this year so much more meaningful,” said Peden.


Volvo Trucks Cut Fuel Consumption with New Software, Upgraded Engines


Volvo Trucks is introducing new functions that help drivers save fuel even when cruise control is not activated. The launch of upgraded D13 diesel engines for Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and EEV markets, together with the new software, enables fuel savings of up to 3%.

The new function is called Volvo Torque Assist and is intended to reduce fuel consumption by providing more efficient driving when the cruise control is disabled in long haul operations.

“We have seen that there is a need to help drivers save fuel also when the cruise control cannot be used. I-Cruise, our intelligent cruise control, is still the best way to optimize fuel consumption, but sometimes it might not be applicable. In this way we can support the driver to cut fuel costs in such driving situations,” says Peter Hardin, Director Product Management at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Torque Assist is designed to give more fuel-efficient driving by automatically adapting the truck’s torque and acceleration to the road topography, the load and speed changes. The function is only active when driving without using cruise control.

Another supporting function keeps the amount of injected fuel constant after the engine’s ‘green range’ has been passed. The slightly compromised performance is compensated by improved fuel economy.

The pedal map has also been recalibrated. A less sensitive pedal creates a smoother torque development, which, in turn, makes the truck easier to control.


“Drivers that are less skilled in economical driving benefit more than those who already have that driving style,” explains Peter Hardin. “The new software also gives a more significant result with heavy loads, many slope changes or large speed variations, while drivers transporting lighter loads with constant speed on flat roads will save less fuel. In field tests we have actually seen examples of a larger potential for savings, than the 3%.”

The hardware upgrades in the Euro 6 Step D versions of the D13 engine, released earlier in 2019, are also being used to raise the standards of the Euro 3 to 5 engines. Internal friction has been reduced with new cylinder liners and new V-shaped oil scraper rings. The turbo efficiency has been improved and the engine management system is upgraded to a newer version with better capacity.

In all, these hardware upgrades save around 1% fuel, while the fuel saving potential for the new software depends on driver experience and the operating conditions.


Aman Logistik buys 4 Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks recently secured the sale of four units of its premium flagship heavy-duty truck, the Volvo FH16 model, to logistics player, Aman Logistik Sdn Bhd (Aman Logistik). A truck handover ceremony to celebrate the occasion was held recently and was attended by the senior management teams of both companies.

“The recent delivery of the Volvo FH16 trucks to Aman Logistik reflects a positive extension of our solid sales performance in 2018, where we are continuing the growth of our premium flagship heavy-duty Volvo FH series,” said Mitch Peden, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks Malaysia.

Aman Logistik is an integrated logistics solution provider for wide-ranging services covering land, sea and air consignments, including forwarding and warehousing. The company is recognised as a leading specialist in the transportation of heavy haulage and over-sized cargo, including beam launching and infrastructure works.

“Our business as a leading logistics provider of demanding heavy haulage requires us to use vehicles that are truly powerful, robust, safe and fuel efficient. It is crucial that the trucks add value to our business and customers, reduce operating costs and increase productivity over the vehicle’s lifetime,” commented Kenny Tee, Managing Director, Aman Logistik Sdn Bhd.

Volvo Trucks Aman Logistik__7895

“We have also requested for Volvo Trucks to customize our trucks by adding a few more air tanks to facilitate the transportation of very heavy loads over long distance, which I am very pleased that they are able to do. With this, I believe the Volvo FH16 is the truck that we have been seeking for in our growing business,” added Tee.

“The Volvo FH16 is the ultimate machine for customers who demand extra capability, power and performance. As a premium heavy-duty truck, it offers massive torque and power, best-in-class fuel economy, reliability and safety,” said Peden.

He further added the Volvo FH16 is customisable to maximise productivity and can withstand the heaviest and most demanding operations on any road condition and terrain, and highly capable of handling deliveries of over-sized and super-heavy loads,”

Volvo Trucks Aman Logistik__7982

Equipped with technology that creates ultimate onboard safety, a more economical driveline and high uptime, the Volvo FH series pushes the limits on what a premium truck can offer. “So far, the robust sale performance of Volvo FH indicates that this model is setting a benchmark in premium high-performance truck category and making measurable positive impact on our customers’ business profitability and competitive advantage,” he added.

One of the highly unique features of the Volvo FH16 is the I-Shift technology with ultra-low crawler gears which allows the truck to drive at speeds as low as 0.5-2kmph and start off from standstill while hauling 325 tonnes of payload. This technology offers a completely new opportunity for heavy trucks with automated transmissions to control their speed when hauling heavy loads. The improved drivability makes it much easier to operate in challenging terrains such as construction sites, mines or when driving up steep roads and hills.


Volvo Trucks Malaysia Continues Momentum On Safety Campaigns


Volvo Trucks Malaysia continues to emphasise its commitment to safety through its two hallmark campaigns; “Stop Look Wave” and “See and be Seen”. Aimed at road users, in particular children and cyclists, these safety campaigns intend to raise awareness of risks and create an understanding on how to act safely in traffic.

Pioneered by Volvo Trucks in Sweden, the Stop, Look and Wave campaign was designed to help children understand how to act safely near traffic. With three simple steps, “to first stop, to then look and notice their surroundings and finally, to wave at the driver and make sure they have been seen,” the campaign offers simple yet important advice to children that may ultimately save lives.

Commenting on the Stop, Look and Wave campaign, Mitch Peden, the Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia said, “Over 260,000 children around the world die in traffic accidents each year. Through collaboration with local partners, we hope to do our part to keep Malaysian children safe on the road.”

The See and Be Seen initiative on the other hand focuses on awareness while in traffic. Armed with the knowledge that most accidents are due to human factors such as lack of attention, poor understanding and misjudgement, Volvo Trucks took the lead in designing fun activities that demonstrate how safety can be improved in the interactions between cyclists, motorcylists and truck drivers and thereby reduce the risk of accidents.


In collaboration with Petronas Carigali in Kerteh, Volvo Trucks organised the Festive Season Safe Drive Campaign to help shed more light on road safety, highlighting the large number of road deaths in Malaysia involving motorcyclists. As part of the Volvo’s See and Be Seen Campaign, participants were shown a presentation on road safety by professional driver trainers from Volvo Trucks and took part in activities that gave them an opportunity to apply their knowledge on blind spots.

“81% of road accidents in Malaysia are due to human errors,” adds Peden. “It is not enough for us to make our trucks safer, we play an important role in making sure the world’s roads are safer too. Safety talks with our partners and the communities that we operate in are part of Volvo Trucks’ on-going efforts to make our roads safer fo everyone.”

Through both of these campaigns, Volvo Trucks aims to combat the impact of road accidents and make a positive difference to the lives of road users, not just in Malaysia but around the globe. Volvo Trucks actively supports and collaborates with communities and organisations across Malaysia to help promote road safety


Volvo Trucks Malaysia To Deliver 28 Trucks to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd


Volvo Trucks Malaysia handed over brand new Volvo trucks to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd in an official handover ceremony held at their HQ in Lukut, Port Dickson. The handover saw 17 units delivered to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd, with an additional 11 set for delivery in 2019.

The senior leadership team of both Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd and Volvo Trucks attended the ceremony. Of the 17 trucks handed over during the ceremony, two were Volvo FH440, seven were Volvo FM370 and eight were Volvo FM440. The remaining eleven will be five Volvo FM370 and six Volvo FM440.

Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd is a road transportation logistics company established in 2001 and was a result of the merging of several companies and their fleets to form one consortium. The business primarily operates in Port Dickson, Westport, Puchong/KVDT, Kapar, Kempas/Johore and HICOM/Shah Alam with Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd as their main customer.


Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd is one of the best haulage companies in the region based on their safety and operational excellence
with acknowledgement coming from many industry players.

Richard Tee Chu Wong, Managing Director of Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd said, “The addition of 28 new Volvo trucks are a testament to our commitment to provide even better services to our customers and to help them achieve their business goals efficiently. Having also signed the Volvo Service Agreement, we now have the ease of mind when it comes to maintenance of our Volvo trucks. I am confident that our
choice of including these additional trucks to our fleet will allow us to go further in the oil and gas transportation industry.”

Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd presently owns and operates 15 Volvo Trucks. The addition of 28 new trucks from the handover will see Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd boast a total of 43 Volvo trucks in their fleet, servicing clients in several location across Malaysia.

The decision to purchase the trucks by Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd was made based on the healthy relationship built between the two companies over the years as well as in acknowledgement of the quality of aftermarket services offered by Volvo Trucks.

Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd also hopes to learn more about handling and maintaining their Volvo trucks through this handover.

“We at Volvo Trucks strive to provide the best offerings, both in terms of our trucks and our services, to all our customers,” said Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia.

“Especially with Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd’s clientele in the oil and gas industry, safety and quality are the two most important aspect to look at when looking for a transportation partner. It is an honour to be the top choice with the addition of 28 brand new Volvo Trucks to their fleet. We will continue to offer our best in class services to ensure the highest performance and return on investment for our
business partners.”

With a good record of performance, Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd has further grown its business by diversifying to industrial gases, other oleo chemical products as well as retail petrol stations. In the future, Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd also hopes to expand into the warehousing business.


Volvo Trucks Malaysia Delivers 15 FMX 440 Prime Movers to Kotamas Oil


Volvo Trucks Malaysia recently hosted a vehicle handover ceremony for its long-time customer – Kotamas Oil Sdn Bhd.

The official handover of 15 units of Volvo FMX 440 6×4 prime movers was held at Volvo Truck’s private dealer, Dai Lieng Machinery Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The ceremony was attended by the senior management team members of Dai Lieng, Kotamas as well as the Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia.

Kotamas is a specialist in petroleum haulage in Sabah, servicing clientele such as Petronas and Shell. A strong business partner of Volvo Trucks in East Malaysia, Kotamas already owns and operates 12 Volvo trucks in their business. Kotamas now owns a total of 27 Volvo trucks.

Rusman Bin Japalus, Managing Director of Kotamas Oil Sdn Bhd said, “As one of the largest fleet operator in the state of Sabah, we needed trucks that are capable of withstanding the rough conditions that our drivers work in, both in terms of terrain which is hilly and bumpy as well as unpredictable wet weather. We needed trucks that were not just dependable, but also safe for our drivers given the working conditions.


Volvo Trucks is the company that provide trucks which are able to fulfill all the safety requirements outlined by the reputable oil and gas companies we work with. So having partnered with Volvo since 2014, we are confident that once again, they will be able to provide us with the solutions we need.

This handover marks the first time that a company is receiving the custom made FMX 440 with Tandem Axle Lift in Malaysia. Volvo Trucks is also the only commercial vehicles manufacturer to offer this variant for prime movers in the country. One of the challenges faced by Kotamas was the hilly and rough terrain their trucks needed to go through, which demanded increased traction from the vehicle and often resulted in additional costs spent on tyres.

After reviewing Kotamas needs, Volvo Trucks Malaysia recommended these tailor-made prime movers that leverages on Volvo’s Tandem Axle Lift technology. Tandem Axle Lift is designed for operations where the driver drives heavily loaded in one direction and empty in the other. With the push of a button on the dashboard, the driver can disengage and raise the drive axle to improve fuel efficiency by up to
4% on average.


As soon as the truck is loaded, the drive axle automatically lowers and engages to ensure maximum traction and driveability. This system allows for extra grip on hilly terrains, providing better traction, tighter turning circles and improves overall fuel efficiency. It also reduces the money spent on replacing tyres worn out by travelling on rough terrain, thereby maximising the uptime of the truck and at the same time, reducing overall operational costs.

“The technology that goes into the Tandem Axle Lift is truly remarkable and is a perfect fit for customers that need a prime mover which regularly travels on rough terrain. This is especially true for customers based in East Malaysia where roads are riddled with pot holes and sometimes not tarred, uneven and hilly,” said Peden.

“This handover is truly a momentous occasion for us at Volvo Trucks Malaysia as it marks the first ever handover of the FMX 440 with Tandem Axle Lift in the country. One of our objectives here at Volvo Trucks Malaysia is to maximise the uptime of our customers and reduce costs through our offerings. I am certain that with this handover, Kotamas will be able to face their geographical challenges and further
increase the profitability of their company.”

It is Volvo Trucks’ mission to provide quality, both in terms of products and service. With that in mind, Volvo hopes to continue fostering the close relationship they have with Kotamas in the future, by providing innovative solutions and support to maximise the uptime of their trucks and ensure productivity.



Volvo Trucks Malaysia Now Offers 2 Years Fitted Parts Warranty And More


Volvo Trucks Malaysia introduced a number of service offerings to help customers maximise the uptime of their trucks.

Among the new services offered include an extended 24-month Fitted Parts Warranty for all Volvo parts purchased and fitted by authorised Volvo Trucks dealers in Malaysia as well as the implementation of the new Fast Track Service. Furthermore, Volvo Trucks will be extending the workshop hours of their flagship dealer in Port Klang starting from November this year.

Commenting on the new offerings, Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia said, “Quality is the foundation of everything we do, from the design of our trucks to the services, parts and support we offer our customers. The introduction of the new offerings aims at improving the quality of aftermarket service to maximise the uptime of our customers’ trucks. This of course helps improve the service level to their customers and drive competitive advantage through the value chain”.


Starting from July 2018, all Volvo parts purchased from Volvo Trucks Malaysia come with a standard warranty coverage of 24 months, instead of the previous 12 months coverage. The warranty was extended via the introduction of the 24-month Fitted Parts Warranty programme, which applies to all parts purchased and fitted at Volvo Authorised dealers.

By offering extended warranties exclusively to parts purchased and fitted at Volvo Authorised dealers, Volvo Trucks is able to ensure that customers receive the best products and services possible. All service work will be carried out by qualified Volvo technicians in workshops equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic systems, special tools and the very latest service literature, guaranteeing quality at all stages.

In addition to covering parts, the extended warranty will also cover labour, breakdown assistance and consequential vehicle damage.


The Fast Track Service is introduced to provide quality services for selected repairs within 2 hours. With the introduction of this service, appointments can be made in advance – reducing waiting time for customers, allowing the trucks to get back on the road quicker and in better shape than before.

To utilise the Fast Track Service, customers will need to first make a 48-hour advance booking. This allows Volvo Trucks to assign technicians, service advisors, pre-allocate a work bay, prepare parts and tools in advance.

The Fast Track Service is currently available at all Volvo Trucks owned dealerships in Malaysia. The service is provided exclusively for customers who have signed up for Volvo Blue or Volvo Gold Service Agreement.

In addition to the Fast Track Service, effective November 2018 onwards, Volvo Trucks’ Port Klang branch will be open from 8.30am to 11.00pm on weekdays and from 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays.

The extended workshop hours offer additional flexibility to customers that are looking to service their trucks over longer operating hours. It also increases truck intake to the workshops, allowing Volvo technicians to service more clients each day.

“Since its launch in 2016, the Port Klang workshop has been fully booked”, commented Peden. “The extended hours now provide a larger timeframe for customers to send in their trucks with shorter appointment lead time. The rush of sending and collecting trucks during normal working hours is effectively a thing of the past now. It is important that we are able to be flexible within our business to meet the evolving requirements of our business partners”.

These new services ensure that Volvo Trucks owners spend as little time as possible in the workshop and more time on the road – maximising uptime and optimising overall productivity.