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Proton Records Highest Monthly Sales Since June 2012

Malaysian car sales continued to rebound in July as a combination of tax free incentives and consumer demand pushed Total Industry Volume (TIV) to a 13 month high.

As anticipated, Proton has been a beneficiary of the increase in sales as Malaysian automotive brands once again dominated the market to account for an estimated 63.2% of sales this month.

With 13,216 units sold, July was not only Proton’s best sales month in 2020 so far, but also since June 2012. Overall sales also grew by 37.3% (13,216 vs 9,623) over June 2020, and by 45.7% (13,216 vs 9,072) over the same month in 2019.

Proton’s year-To-Date (YTD) market share figure as at July 2020 currently stands at a forecast 21.8%, a growth of 6.7% over the same time period last year. With this growth in sales, the volume gap compared to 2019 for Proton has shrunk to just 4.2% (50,294 vs 52,499), which is significantly less than the forecasted gap for TIV at 33% (230,929 vs 347,177).

Four models achieved sales leadership in their respective classes with the Proton Saga once again posting the highest sales numbers and leading the A-segment sedan market.

5,421 units were sold in July, a figure that was helped by all 1,100 units of the Saga Anniversary Edition being booked within five days of launch on 9 July. It was also the highest number achieved by the model since April 2014.

The company’s other segment leader, the Proton X70, performed even better. With 3,087 units sold, Proton’s C-segment SUV not only had its best ever sales month, it continued to be the best-selling SUV in Malaysia, increasing market share to 25.6%, 4.3% higher than 2019.

The other two Proton segment leaders were the Persona and Exora. The company sold 3,043 units of the Persona in July, as the model cemented its position at the top of the B-segment sedan sales table.

The Exora meanwhile saw sales of 792 units, its best sales month since August 2016, which ensures its reign atop the C-segment MPV market remains unchallenged.

“Proton’s performance in July 2020 was our best in over eight years. We are especially happy with how our models are faring within their segments. We also note that there has been a positive effect on other areas of the business as a result of the encouraging sales. For instance Proton Commerce, our in-house vehicle financing provider, saw an increase of 100% in the number of loans it disbursed compared to the previous month. Therefore, we are thankful for the support shown by all Malaysians and as for now, we remain cautiously optimistic for 2020”, said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.

“For August, Proton will look to continue to excite the market and stimulate sales in preparation for more model introductions later in the year. Our production, quality, sales and aftersales divisions are all working hard to ensure we are able to meet consumer demand as well as deliver a level of customer service befitting the brand promise that we have set out,” he added.


N95 Cabin Filter Now Available for All Proton Models – RM50 Saja

The unveiling of the Saga Anniversary Edition was not the only big news from Proton today, as the company also made another big announcement.

Proton’s N95 Cabin Filter, which was previously available only on the X70 SUV, will now be made available for the Saga, Persona, Iriz, and Exora as well.

While current owners will have the option to purchase the N95 Cabin Filter for RM59 excluding labour charges, there will be a 15% discount on the price of the filter For a limited period until the 9th of October 2020.

The new N95 Cabin Filter is capable of removing 95% of particles larger than 0.3 microns and also removes 98% of PM2.5 dust particulates.

It is therefore an effective barrier against smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants and functions in both fresh and recirculation modes for the air-conditioning system.


Proton Saga Anniversary Edition Launched – RM39,300

Proton today commemorated the 35th birthday of the Saga in the company’s first ever virtual launch over social media with the Saga Anniversary Edition marking the 4,150,035th car to roll off the line.

Unveiled as part of the celebrations, the Saga Anniversary Edition commemorates and celebrates the first Proton Saga delivered in 1985.

Limited to 1,100 units only, and available exclusively in black with yellow highlights on both the exterior and interior of the car, the Saga Anniversary Edition is priced at RM39,300, the same as the current Saga Premium AT after the zero sales tax rebate.

Also unveiled during the launch was the 35th Anniversary Accessories package which includes Front Skirting, Side Skirtings, Door Visors, Hood Insulator, Trunk Lid Cover and Boot Tray priced at RM2,035.

Available for purchase separately and compatible with the 2019 Saga model, the anniversary package offers significant cost savings of RM315 as purchasing the parts individually totals RM2,350.


Proton Sells 4,447 Sagas in June – the Highest in 70 Months

Malaysian car sales rebounded during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in June as incentives from the government and pent up demand pushed Total Industry Volume (TIV) numbers ahead of where they were in 2019.

Proton has benefitted from this surge as sales of Malaysian automotive brands are estimated to account for 66.4% of the market this month.

With 9,623 units sold, Proton posted its second best sales month in 2020 as three models led sales in their respective segments. The number also represents a 69.5% growth over May 2020 and a 26.3% increase over the same month in 2019 when the world wasn’t affected by a pandemic.

With a Year-To-Date (YTD) market share figure of 21.2%, Proton’s results for the first half of 2020 show a 6.5% increase against the same time period last year. The overall volume gap versus 2019 has also shrunk to just 14.6%, a remarkable achievement that is nearly three times better than the best rival brand.

Driving Proton’s sales push was the Proton Saga – which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year – by posting its best sales performance in 70 months with 4,447 units.

The Proton X70 retained its position as the best-selling C-segment SUV in the country, and with 1,909 units sold in June, it is also the best-selling SUV overall for the first half of 2020.

Meanwhile, the Proton Persona retained its position as the best-seller in the B-segment sedan category for a second consecutive month. Despite losing over two months of sales this year, its cumulative volume is still 25.1% ahead of 2019.


SST Exemption: Proton Announces Updated Pricing

Following the government’s recent announcement of zero sales tax for cars sold in Malaysia for a six month period beginning 15 June 2020, PROTON will reduce its car prices by 1.2% – 5.7%. The updated prices are as below for each model:

Proton Saga
Discount: Up to RM500
New Price: RM32,400 to RM39,800

Proton Iriz
Discount: Up to RM800
New Price: RM36,200 to RM49,900

Proton Persona
Discount: Up to RM900
New Price: RM42,100 to RM53,700

Proton X70
Discount: Up to RM7,000
New Price: RM89,900 to RM115,800

Proton Exora
Discount: Up to RM2,500
New Price: RM57,300 to RM64,800

These prices will be effective for the duration of the incentive period, a measure designed to boost the economy as the country emerges from its COVID-19 induced lockdown.

The Company is also deploying several strategies to spur growth in sales while keeping in mind buyer sentiment will err on the side of caution for the rest of 2020. These include deploying strict social distancing and disinfection measures at its showrooms and service centres while promoting the use of online bookings for contactless transactions.


The Best-Selling Car in May was… Proton Saga!

Proton has just shared its sales results for the month of May 2020, in which the Proton Saga was the best-selling car in Malaysia.

According to Proton, this is the first time the updated 2019 model has managed the feat, which also makes it the most popular A-segment sedan in the country last month.

And then we have the Proton X70, which retains its position as the best-selling C-segment SUV in the country.

As for other models, Proton said that the Proton Persona was the best-seller in the B-segment sedan category, while the Exora remains at the top of the C-segment MPV market.

Coming back to cumulative figures, Proton actually sold 5,676 vehicles in May 2020, accounting for an estimated market share of 23.3%.

During the same month in 2019, the Company sold 10,611 units, marking a difference of 46.5% and a reflection of the challenging market conditions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 5,676 units in May, which is an improvement of 73.2% compared to March 2020, were sold despite the need to comply with the standard operating procedures of the CMCO.

Unfortunately, Proton’s year-to-date (YTD) sales volume reduced by 23.3% for the first five months of the year, while Total-Industry-Volume (TIV) is estimated to have shrunk by 48.7% over the same time period.

In terms of market positioning and market share, Proton remains the second most popular car brand in Malaysia with a YTD market share of 21.1%, which is in-line with targets set for the year.

For the month of June, PROTON will continue to offer better value to entice car buyers. Purchasers of the Proton X70 will be eligible for 0% financing for the first year, subject to a set of terms and conditions.

Beginning 10 June, the Company will also be introducing a reward programme for Malaysian frontliners, specifically nurses, doctors, members of the police and army as well as Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) staff.

Called the Credit Shield Protection Programme, it offers eligible buyers of any Proton model free personal insurance coverage of up to RM50,000 for five years covering death, accidental death and permanent disability.