SST Exemption: Mercedes-Benz Shares New Price List
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SST Exemption: Mercedes-Benz Shares New Price List

Following the announcement of the new economic stimulus plan to stimulate the economy amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the government aims to propel businesses and stimulate the economy.

The initiative to assist the automotive industry includes 100% sales tax exemption for locally-assembled vehicles and a 50% reduction for fully-imported models from 15th June 2020 until the end of the tax free incentive period.

The adjusted manufacturer’s recommended retail selling prices for each Mercedes-Benz model in line with sales tax exemption for locally-assembled and fully imported vehicles are as below. Effective from 15th June until the end of the tax free incentive period.

ModelPrice with SST 10%Price with Sales Tax Exemption
A – Class Hatchback (CBU)
A 200 Progressive Line227,888.00219,263.48
A 250 AMG Line263,888.00253,593.52
Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC Edition 1379,888.00366,785.05
Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+ Edition 1459,888.00443,269.91
A – Class Sedan (CBU)
A 200 Sedan Progressive Line229,888.00222,120.92
A 250 Sedan AMG Line267,888.00259,255.33
Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC348,888.00336,277.51
Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ Coupé448,888.00433,802.02
GLA 200 Style223,888.00216,153.80
GLA 200 Night Edition244,888.00237,153.80
GLA 250 4MATIC AMG Line274,888.00266,209.64
Mercedes-AMG GLA 45413,888.00401,457.57
B-Class (CBU)
B 200 Progressive Line239,888.00230,939.74
C-Class (CKD)
C 200 Avantgarde259,888.00250,283.41
C 300 AMG Line304,888.00293,800.34
Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC421,888.00401,114.85
C-Class (CBU)
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S768,888.00744,980.82
C-Class Coupé (CBU)
C 200 Coupé AMG Line346,888.00335,037.64
C 300 Coupé AMG Line416,888.00403,184.49
Mercedes-AMG C 43 Coupé577,888.00558,269.74
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé820,888.00794,681.86
GLC 200299,888.00286,378.77
GLC 300 AMG Line349,888.00333,157.23
Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 with Lane Tracking Assist (pre-FL)471,888.00442,606.23
Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC915,888.00884,542.40
The GLC Coupé (CKD)
GLC 300 Coupé AMG Line419,888.00396,869.63
GLC Coupé (CBU)
Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC Coupé940,888.00912,283.36
E – Class (CKD)
E 200 SPORTSTYLE Avantgarde329,888.00318,270.48
E 300 Exclusive Line379,888.00367,062.03
E 350 AMG Line399,888.00384,523.62
E – Class Coupé (CBU)
E 200 Coupé AMG Line450,888.00435,898.19
E 300 Coupé AMG Line528,888.00511,700.23
GLE 450 AMG Line 7-Seater608,888.00584,720.58
GLE Coupé (CBU)
GLE 400 Coupé641,888.00621,659.58
Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 Coupé714,888.00692,387.14
S – Class (CKD)
S 450L AMG Line699,888.00650,112.90
S 560e658,888.00646,625.61
CLS 350 Coupé AMG Line570,888.00552,913.64
CLS 450 Coupé AMG Line698,888.00675,253.58

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