Shell shows its end to end solution for the logistic industry

Shell shows its end to end solution for the logistic industry

Shell Malaysia showcased its complete end-to-end fleet solutions for the transport and logistics industry at the recent 2019 Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE). 

The solution comprising the Shell Rimula range of premium low viscosity synthetic lubricants, Shell FuelSave Diesel with Dynaflex Technology and Shell Card will benefit fleet operators by helping them achieve optimum efficiency, productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Equipped with the most advanced API CK-4 specifications, Shell Rimula’s premium lubricants are designed to not only achieve greater fuel economy and longer oil drain intervals but are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and loads in tough operating environments, while having a positive impact on lowering emissions.

Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan said that customers in Malaysia can be rest assured that Shell Rimula lubricants are globally compatible with bio fuels, including B10 bio diesel in Malaysia.

 YB Deputy Minister of Transport (2nd left) being briefed at the Shell Pavilion

“As a technology leader, Shell has been evaluating bio diesel’s impacts and developing lubricants to meet challenges such as increased oxidation, creation of deposits, changes in oil viscosity and engine component corrosion.  Shell Rimula was tested in stringent oxidation, bearing and engine tests and performed above requirements which enhances the value of our end-to-end solutions for the transport and logistics industry,” she said.

In the coming months, Malaysia is set to be the first market in ASEAN to launch the all-new Shell Rimula Ultra, one of the most advanced fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oils in the world. The new flagship product complies with the latest European ACEA E6 and ACEA E9 specifications and manufacturers’ approvals for use in ultra-modern diesel engines that comply with Euro 4 to Euro 6 emission standards.  It offers longer oil life and extended oil-drain intervals of up to 150,000 km, better engine wear protection under all terrains and weather conditions as well as better fuel economy.

YB Deputy Minister of Transport (2nd from right) trying out the Shell Heavy Duty Challenge

Benefits from the use of Shell Rimula are amplified when used together with Shell FuelSave Diesel.  This high-quality diesel from Shell features Dynaflex Technology and can help keep a vehicle’s engine clean and protected for efficient running. With fuel expenses being one of the largest operating expenditures in running a fleet of vehicles, the annual savings from cleaner and more efficient engines can be significant.

 YB Datuk Kamarudin Jaafar (3rd left) with the Shell Malaysia team and the new Shell Rimula Ultra mock-up_2

The final part of the end-to-end solutions is managing fuel needs and its operating costs with Shell Card. Equipped with more than 50 years of experience and expertise, it provides a simpler, more secure and convenient way for fleet owners to purchase high quality fuels and keep their trucks running by enabling access to more than 900 Shell retail stations nationwide.  Shell Card is able to manage fuel expenses efficiently and effectively for companies with a single online invoice coupled with data insights needed for more customised solutions.

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