Petronas Holds Webinar on Truck Maintenance During Pandemic
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Petronas Holds Webinar on Truck Maintenance During Pandemic

Petronas Lubricants International recently organised an online webinar, bringing two experts from the commercial vehicle industry to share latest insights and best practices on truck maintenance, particularly pertinent during the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Malaysia which has increased demand for door-to-door delivery.

The webinar, which attracted more than 50 attendees ranging from fleet owners, suppliers and logistic partners, covered topics such as engine oil viscosity, engine deposits and how-to steps to prevent build up, as well as the role of lubricants.

The experts

The online webinar featured Petronas Lubricants International’s Chief Technology Officer, Eric Holthusen and Stefan Pertz, the co-founder of Asian Trucker Media. 

Petronas lubricants webinar

“During this period, many businesses are facing the pressure of a surge in delivery demand, thus increasing the travelling hours and mileage covered by their fleet of commercial vehicles. This is a crucial time for us to pay close attention to maintaining engine health.”

“This collaborative sharing session seeks to support the industry players who are currently facing these challenges and to also make full use of the opportunities that the pandemic brings,” commented Eric Holthusen who oversees the Research & Technology, Business Technology and Global Technical Services and Fluid & Services Innovation of Petronas Lubricants International.

60-minute online webinar

The 60-minute online webinar also provided practical tips on managing severe operating conditions such as long-haul driving, repetitive driving cycles and tough driving conditions.

“Although the pandemic brings its own set of challenges, it also presents a multitude of opportunities for growth in the commercial vehicle industry.”

“The role of lubricants in maintaining the health of the engine of these commercial vehicles industry tend to go unnoticed but it is in fact a key factor to consider,” said Stefan Pertz, who brings with him over a decade of experience working with the industry.

The online webinar is part of Petronas Lubricants International’s efforts to provide relevant insights and findings to boost the industry’s growth and to support fleet owners in their decision-making process.

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