Hybrid Powered Trucks, Is It The Future?

Hybrid Powered Trucks, Is It The Future?

With the fall of fuel prices late last year and the current increase in the use of NGV to power commercial trucks, many people have wondered whether the hybrid truck still has a place in the future of transportation.

With a hybrid truck there is still a tremendous environmental benefit. If you are getting 15 to 30% fuel savings, you are also getting a 15 to 30% environmental savings.

Hino offers the 195H and 195H-DC (double cab) in its hybrid lineup. The Class 5 vehicles feature a 19,500 GVW and a 210 hp diesel engine producing 440 lbs.-ft. of torque mated to a A464 Aisin 6At transmission. An important note about Hino’s hybrid system, Ellis pointed out, is that the system uses common components, meaning there is cost effectiveness. Sixty percent of the components are shared with Toyota’s hybrid system used on its Prius.


Those routes include urban areas where the vehicle will have a low average speed of 17-25 mph with 22 mph the most efficient speed. The vehicle also will make multiple stops in a day and feature plenty of stop-and-go driving so the regenerative braking system can generate enough energy to charge the battery. It also will spend less than 20% of its time driving highway miles.

Hino hybrids also feature Insight 2.0 powered by Telogis, a telematics program that is offered on all hybrids free for one year. Insight provides data to help fleet managers manage their vehicles and driver’s driving habits.

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