Did You Know that You Can Order a Scania Truck with a Defibrillator?

You would’ve seen a first-aid kit in a vehicle many times, but have you ever seen a vehicle (besides an ambulance of course) equipped with a defibrillator?

You know, the thing doctors use to jumpstart a person’s failing or failed heart to bring them back?

Yes, you read that right. Scania just delivered an R 520 prime mover to trucker Kim Ancker in Denmark two days ago with a sticker that states that the truck is equipped with a defibrillator, a heart starter.

Why Scania decided to do so is because back in 2018, Kim Ancker here got into an accident involving another truck whose driver actually lost his life following a cardiac arrest.

Traumatised by the event, Kim, who said that he doesn’t want that to happen to himself, or to other truck drivers ever again, actually decided to equip the vehicle with a heart starter when he ordered the truck from Scania.

It is clearly evident that Ancker cares about safety in other ways, as well. His Scania V8 R 520 8×2 has eight mounted exterior cameras that feed images to three monitors in the cab.

In addition, the truck is equipped with Scania’s Blind Spot Detection, Scania Opticruise with clutch-on-demand, Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Prediction and retarder, electronic parking brake with hill hold and Lane Departure Warning. With all of these features, Ancker boasts one of Denmark’s safest trucks.

Not surprisingly with this level of engagement, two years ago his small haulage business was recognised as “Transport Company of the Year” by the Danish Transport and Logistics Association, expressly for his road safety efforts.


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