Data Exchange For Trailer Electronic Braking Systems

Data Exchange For Trailer Electronic Braking Systems

The European Transport Board, a group of decision makers from the most significant European transportation and logistics companies, announces the publication of a new industry standard for data generated by trailer Electronic Braking Systems.

The Trailer CAN (TCAN) protocol specifies the data exchange between braking and auxiliary data collection systems, e.g. telematics, on towed vehicles with a mass greater than 3500 kg. The initiative which was started by TIP Trailer Services, one of Europe’s leading equipment services providers, has resulted in an agreement on an industry standard by the three largest EBS manufacturers: Knorr-Bremse, Wabco and Haldex. This group of manufacturers has taken the lead in establishing interoperability across braking systems, which lays the foundation for a more connected world and will spur further innovation.

Peter Sijs, Services/Sourcing Operations Leader, from TIP Trailer Services states “It’s great to see the 3 major EBS manufacturers agreeing on an industry standard. With this in place we can read and analyze data independently of the ECU. This makes it possible to compare performance and equipment health between units or even entire fleets.”

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