Action Mobil Off-Road RV, The Ultimate Lifestyle Vehicle

Action Mobil Off-Road RV, The Ultimate Lifestyle Vehicle

The Action Mobil Off-Road RV lets you explore the unknown. And when you decide to call it a day, simply park at the location with the best view of the sunset while breaking open that great wine you had been saving just for the right moment. Built on 2, 3 or 4 axle-platforms, there is literally no limit to where you could go. Be snow, sand or rocks, the action mobile is up for the challenge.


Remember the massive trucks that partake in the Dakar Rally? Well the Action Mobil has the same bad-ass, rugged look from the outside. The only difference is that this one has a fully-equipped kitchen inside, just incase there is need for hot chocolate. It even has a sofa, changing area and beds inside to have a comfortable breakdown (a distant possibility). And while you park in the middle of nowhere and find yourself in a bit of an adventurous mood, activate the motorcycle lift located at the rear of the truck to lower your dirt bike and create your very on customised off-road track, right where you need it.


And just like a true motor home, everything is customisable. So when decorating, sky is the limit. You could have a chandelier in there if thats what you are into, although, it might get a bit difficult to get it insured.


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