You should buy this SHAMAN ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE at USD200,000 only


Whether you fish, hunt, or explore, the Shaman All Terrain Vehicle promises to be far more versatile than anything you’ll find at your local SUV or 4×4 truck dealership.


Each of its eight wheels has its own suspension, mounted to a closed frame designed to protect critical components. Low-pressure tires provide a comfortable ride, and it can be equipped with a screw propeller, which works with the boat-formed frame and high-performance water pumps to give it amphibious capabilities. Inside, the driver sits in a single-seat cockpit, while both the “tourist” and “hunter” models provide seating for eight passengers — the former with individually adjustable seats, and the latter with benches that convert into beds.


With Malaysian taxes and shipping included, this could cost about RM1.6 million……not that bad when you consider what some super luxury SUVs cost.


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