Wabco And Tata Introduce Smart ESC System fir Trucks and Buses in India
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Wabco And Tata Introduce Smart ESC System fir Trucks and Buses in India


WABCO INDIA Limited, along with Tata Motors Limited have launched Electronic Stability Control (ESCsmart) for trucks and buses at WABCO INDIA’s test track in Chennai.

Tata Motors also became the first OEM to deploy ESCsmart for its Prima range, helping prevent accidents by increasing vehicle stability and safety.

WABCO’s ESCsmart functionality builds on WABCO’s industry-leading Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Braking System (EBS) platforms.

It is an active safety system that monitors the roll and directional stability of vehicles. The system can automatically intervene, independent of the driver, when a high risk of instability is detected, thus helping to reduce the likelihood of accidents particularly associated with rollover, skidding and jackknifing.

WABCO’s ESCsmart is the commercial vehicle industry’s first and most efficient technology to homologate ESC, saving significant time and effort for OEMs.

Features of ESCsmart system include Yaw Control and Roll Stability Control. While Yaw Control provides directional vehicle stability on low-friction surfaces, Roll Stability Control works effectively on high-friction surfaces.

WABCO’s ESCsmart technology has been certified by TÜV Nord Germany, an accredited technical service, and has been approved for use in 27 countries in the European Union and a further 20 countries worldwide.

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