Volvo Trucks Now Have I-Save Option

Volvo Trucks Now Have I-Save Option

Volvo Trucks has announced a new I-Save option for the FH tractor unit, which it says offers fuel savings of up to seven per cent for long-haul operators.

I-Save models feature the new D13TC Euro 6 Step D engine with wave-shaped piston crowns, which improve combustion and increase efficiency by guiding heat and energy to the centre of each cylinder.

Excess energy in the exhaust gases is then recovered to power the flywheel via an extra turbine in the exhaust flow, known as the turbo-compound unit.

The D13TC engine produces up to an additional 300Nm of torque, which means less acceleration and fuel is needed to maintain a steady speed in motorway traffic – Volvo says this makes it beneficial for long-haul operators typically exceeding 160,000km per annum.

Other features of I-Save include new fuel-efficient rear axles and an updated I-See system, Volvo’s predictive cruise control system which uses GPS and the truck’s sat nav system to ensure the engine is in the correct gear for the conditions.

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“We have tailored every aspect of I-Save to suit long-haul operators,” says Mats Franzén, Volvo’s powertrain strategy director.

“The longer they drive, the more they can potentially save. It is a powerful engine which delivers a highly fuel-efficient and smooth driving experience.”

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