Volvo Purpose-Built Vehicle For Horses  
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Volvo Purpose-Built Vehicle For Horses  

This is a horsebox or horse transporter with a Volvo FH-460 6×2 chassis as the base. It sports a D13K 12.8-litre Euro 6 engine that offers 460 horsepower and 12-speed I-Shift automated transmission. It also comes with a 2-year warranty (depending on region).

UK based Wicks Group’s new Volvo FH-460 is designed for the comfort of horses, but it offers a host of features to keep the driver and passengers comfortable, as well, such as the Globetrotter XL Cab and two extra passenger seats. Wicks Group enlisted the services of Ware, Hertfordshire,-based Oakley Coachbuilders to add a Supremacy horsebox body to the chassis. It features three double beds, a shower, a kitchenette, and satellite TV.

This FH model joins an existing fleet of 20 vehicles from various manufacturers ranging in gross vehicle weight (GVW) from 18 to 44 tonnes. It will replace a previous 16-tonne, two-axle manual truck that had issues when switching between gears. With the new truck, Wicks Group will take advantage of the I-Shift Dual Clutch, which offers smoother acceleration and gear shifts, something that both human and horse passengers will appreciate.

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