UD Trucks Launches New Quester 8L

UD Trucks Launches New Quester 8L

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Tan Chong Industrial Equipment (TCIE), UD Trucks’ sole distributor in Malaysia has introduced the new Quester 8L (litre) to the Malaysian market. With this new addition, UD Trucks now offers the widest range of possibilities to meet all kinds of business operations ranging from long haul, mining and distribution to construction work and regional transportation.

Introduced in late 2013, the Quester 11L range is a robust, strong and heavy-duty truck with a combination of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship, sourced and manufactured close to its targeted customers. Backed by more than 80 years of Japanese engineering heritage, Volvo Group’s global technology, and strong local presence, sales network, strong aftermarket expertise by TCIE, as well as vast collective market experience, the Quester range is definitely designed and built with the customers’ needs in mind.

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Widest range for all kinds of businesses

With the new addition of the Quester 8L to the existing Quester 11L offerings, the UD Trucks heavy-duty range expands its flexibility in meeting the needs of businesses across various industries. The new Quester 8L comes in 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 models, adding to the existing models from the Quester 11L of 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4. The Quester trucks are known for providing world class fuel efficiency, reliability and durability across a wide range of applications and variants at affordable prices.

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“UD Quester is the first real heavy-duty Japanese truck designed with heavy duty chassis, heavy duty cab and associated heavy features with a proven record of fuel-efficient engines and quality,” said Mr Tan Keng Meng, Executive Director of Tan Chong Industrial Equipment (TCIE). “And now with the introduction of the UD Quester 8L, we have a wide range of trucks that are versatile and able to meet transportation requirements holistically for our customers,” he went on to say. “Since the introduction of Quester, we have received good response from our customers and this is further proven as we have customers who have placed pre-orders and will be collecting their new trucks today!” he said.

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Meanwhile, Mats Nilsson, President of Volvo Group, Malaysia said, “Together with our long-time partner, TCIE, we are happy to be introducing the Quester 8L trucks to the Malaysian market. The multiple and reliable variants of all UD Quester Trucks are equipped with many great features and one of them is the UD Telematics. This on-vehicle electronic system helps customers monitor the health of their trucks and driving behaviour. One of the key features UD Telematics has is its ability to coach the driver in manning the vehicle in the most fuel efficient way. Hence, it is economical for the company and reduces carbon emission to the environment,” he added.

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UD Telematics comes factory-fitted in every UD Quester truck. Customers opting to use UD Telematics will be able to have an insight on their fleet, with the system providing real-time locations, fuel reports and allows UD Trucks to monitor the health of the vehicle. This ensures less downtime for their fleet, consistent fuel-savings and less costs for their businesses in the long term.

Comprehensive aftermarket service, including 42 service centres nationwide

“TCIE takes aftermarket services very seriously,” said Mr Tan Keng Meng. “We have 42 service centres nationwide providing easy access to drivers to bring in their vehicles anytime. To top this, we also have fully-equipped mobile service trucks with genuine parts to reach trucks drivers who are unable to come to us,” he said. “We believe in providing reliability and a total solution to our business partners. This is also the very reason why TCIE is the first private partner in APAC outside of Japan to assemble locally the Completely Knocked-down UD Quester trucks in our Segambut plant,” he elaborated.

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TCIE recently rolled out the Completely Knocked-down (CKD) Quester rigid trucks, assembled in their Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn. Bhd. Segambut plant. RM1.5 million was invested into the setting up of this assembly line, topped with numerous hours of expertise brought in from UD Trucks Japan and Volvo Group, to upgrade human resource capacity. With the introduction of the UD Quester 8L and the CKD UD Quester, TCIE is set to increase its market share in the heavy-duty truck segment and win over new businesses while continue to retain its existing customers with its wide and flexible range of trusted trucks. This is the continued commitment from both TCIE and UD Trucks to grow the Malaysian transportation market.

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“UD Trucks have existed since 1935. That is almost a century of continued research and development in meeting the demands of our clients worldwide. Our market share is proof of the reliability of our trucks,” says UD Trucks Director of UD Brand & Product Line, Toshihiko Odawara. “Together with TCIE and the introduction of the 8L Quester, we are ready to further expand the growing Malaysian market. UD will continue to provide solutions to various local needs through our high-powered, easy-to-drive and comfortable trucks, while customers receive top notch aftermarket service from our partner, TCIE,” he further said.


As part of their sales package, customers can enjoy 1-year free maintenance on the UD Quester series as well as a 2-year vehicle warranty. In addition, TCIE will be offering a special early bird promotional price for orders on two of the UD Quester models from now till June 30th 2016, for a limited number of vehicles.

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For more information on the UD Quester series and their special discount, customers can visit the nearest dealers.

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