Telematics saves money and time

UD Trucks says investing in a telematics system for your truck or truck fleet can make a big difference to your bottom line. The Japanese truck company tell us however that there still seems to be some resistance and skepticism around the technology. UD Trucks has provided us with a guide to the top 5 ways telematics can help save you money.

1. Fuel savings – telematics on your fleet could help you reduce your fuel costs from 5-15% a year. A good telematics system will monitor things like idling time, speeding, harsh acceleration and breaking, giving you areas of improvement to help your drivers lower their fuel costs.

2. Competitive advantage – telematics or fleet tracking can help you deliver a better service to your end customer. You can track your trucks and therefore your customer’s goods in real time, provide more accurate billing and deliver an overall better customer service, giving you an edge over your competitors.

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3. Driver performance and safety – telematics monitors your driver’s performance, and can help keep them safe through automated panic alerts and driving style data, which identifies driving violations or areas to help them improve.

4. Optimised routing – 24/7 GPS tracking allows you to set the most efficient route for your fleet, and to ensure your drivers stick to it. You can set geo-fencing to alert you when a truck enters or leaves a specific area, and you can see where any truck is at any given time.

5. Improved security – Real-time vehicle monitoring via the web means that should your vehicle ever be stolen; you can locate your assets easily for recovery. You can also monitor any unauthorised use of vehicles and equipment.

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