Tata Intra Compact Truck Makes Global Debut In India
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Tata Intra Compact Truck Makes Global Debut In India


Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer today launched a range of new generation ‘compact truck’ – the Tata INTRA.

With a 2512 mm x 1602 mm load body length, the Tata INTRA comes in two variants- V10 and V20.

While the INTRA V20 comes with 1400 cc DI Engine with 70 hp, the INTRA V10 is powered by the 800 cc DI Engine delivering 40 hp.

The vehicle has a standard power steering fitment and with low turning circle radius of 4.75m, ensuring easy manoeuvrability even on narrow and congested roads.

The power train is tuned to suit various duty cycles using Gear Shift Advisor or economy switch, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency. the INTRA also has a 5-speed gearbox with cable shift mechanism.

The Tata INTRA also has a boltable full forward robust body shell cabin and has been intelligently designed with a smart nose along with seatbelts with ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor).

Built on a hydroformed frame, the INTRA is comparatively lighter. The smartly engineered cabin space, improved ergonomics and low NVH levels.

Other key features include a phone charging point, electronic instrument cluster, big headlamps, a large windscreen, a lockable glove box, storage on dashboard & door trims, headrest for comfort while driving, pre-fitted music system, and AC in the premium version to enhance the fatigue-free driving experience.

The gear lever is mounted on the dashboard making longer drives comfortable and tireless for the driver. Last but not least, the front and rear rigid axles and leaf springs ensure superior load carrying capability and low cost of maintenance.

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