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Volvo Trucks Malaysia Takes After Sales Service to the Next Level with Uptime Promise

ASP_3045 (Launch)

Volvo Trucks Malaysia (Volvo) has pushed the boundary on customer service with the launch of Uptime Promise, anewly added service to its Gold Service Agreement for after-market support.

Volvo Trucks’ Uptime Promise is a unique feature, which provides monetary compensation to customers who has a truck on a breakdown time that exceeds Volvo Trucks’ committed time to put the truck back on the road.

This customer-centric program is the first of its kind offered in the market and was launched in conjunction with Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2019 held from 20th – 22nd June at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in Kuala Lumpur.

The Uptime Promise is designed to give customers extra protection against unplanned standstills and is offered as part of Volvo Trucks’ continuous customer satisfaction enhancement effort. More than financial compensation for truck downtime, Uptime Promise offers benefits including safe and dependable repairs carried out by highly skilled Volvo technicians, minimum loss of time and income, and maximum truck uptime.

Mitch Peden, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks Malaysia shared, “We understand how important uptime is to our customers in securing their profitability. At Volvo Trucks, our main priority is to minimise the risk of a breakdown and, should one occur, to get the truck back on the road as quickly as possible. Through our Gold Service Agreement and Uptime Promise, our customers can nowmaximise uptime driving, increase maintenance efficiency, and protect their trucks with protection plans customised to their business needs.”

Customers who subscribe to Volvo Truck Gold Service Agreement will now be automatically entitled to enjoy the benefits of Uptime Promise. They will receive monetary compensation ofRM300 per day for any breakdown exceeding 12 hours from the time of telephone call to Volvo’s Customer Care Centre hotline to request for Volvo Action Service support, subjected to terms and conditions.

“Volvo Trucks is very proud to be the first truck brand in Malaysia to introduce this unique compensation benefit to our customers. Uptime is an important parameter to drive customer satisfaction because unexpected downtime affects business profitability. We are confident that with this newly added service, we will be able to reward our customers for their trust and support in us, whilst further elevating their level of satisfaction with Volvo Trucks,” Peden added.

In addition to the launch of Volvo Uptime Promise, Volvo Trucks is also featuring its new Active Safety Package at its booth here at the MCVE 2019.

“TheActive Safety Packageis our safety support solution that can streamline the planning and execution of safe driving on the road to the benefit of the drivers of our trucks and the wider community. Safety is our core value; this enhanced feature introduction is part of our continuous effort in driving progress towards achieving our goal of zero accidents involving Volvo Trucks.” Peden shared.

The Active Safety Package includes advanced and innovative safety features aimed at assisting truck drivers to retain their attention while driving under the fast-changing traffic condition. The Active Safety Package consists of features below: deed

the safst ever Volvo truck.

  • Volvo Dynamic Steering with stability assist enables the truck’s sensor tomonitor the truck’s rotational speed and activate the system to help the driver steer and stabilise the vehicle if any skidding tendency is detected.
  • Back-up monitor offers excellent visual supervision behind the truck during reversing or when coupling the trailer to the truck.
  • Lane keeping support alerts the driver when unintentional deviations from the lane is detected. Together with Depart Warning System with Lane Keeping Assist, the truck will alert the driver and automatically make the necessary correction when the truck continues to deviate from the driving lane.
  • Driver alert support is an extension package to lane keeping support. If the driver shows signs on inattention, the system activates an audio-visual alert. .
  • Lane changing support helps to prevent accidents while changing lanes. When turn signal is engaged the lane changing support will alerts the driver if there is a vehicle on the blind spot.
  • Adaptive cruise control with forward collision warning and emergency brake maintains the truck with a safe distance to the vehicle in front. The driver will receive alerts if the distance between the vehicle in front is at acritical range and emergency braking will be applied when there is no reaction from driver.

UD Trucks Launches New Quester In Malaysia

UD New Quester Launch Photo

UD Trucks Malaysia has unveiled the new Quester with enhancements to the well-established Quester heavy-duty truck at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019 held at the MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) from 20-22 June.

The New Quester will enable logistics companies in Malaysia to tackle critical industry challenges and boost their bottom line through Smart Logistics.

Building on proven robustness and reliability, the new Quester introduces key features such as ESCOT automated manual transmission, retarder, electrical cab tilt, engines with higher horse-power and user-friendly telematics. These deliver greater productivity, fuel efficiency, uptime, driver efficiency and safety.

Fuel efficiency, battle for talent, productivity and connectivity are top priorities for fleets and transport companies in Malaysia and these challenges will be addressed with new features such as ESCOT and UD Telematics. The introduction of New Quester in Malaysia and in fast-growing regions around the world highlights UD Trucks’ unwavering commitment of “Going the Extra Mile” for customers’ businesses.

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director, UD Trucks Hub Malaysia and Oceania said “New Quester is the truck that can help meet our customers’ requirements and expectations to manage their key business challenges. We have developed New Quester with the ‘Gemba Spirit’, by being close to the ground, listening to the needs of our customers.”

To boost productivity and profitability for business owners and logistics companies, the New Quester also achieves further enhanced fuel efficiency of up to 10 percent from the current Quester with the ESCOT automated manual transmission.

A game changer in the transportation business, New Quester with ESCOT takes away the need for manual gear shifting, which can happen between 1000 to 1500 times in a day. ESCOT automatically selects the optimal gear at the right timing based on the operating condition. This enables drivers to easily learn the operations of New Quester and better focus on driving with ease. Automatic gear selection enables an average driver to obtain the driving result of a skilled driver.

Thus, New Quester also aims to help businesses expand the pool of talent with easy-to-operate gear lever that uses a straight shifting pattern. New Quester opens the doors for companies to attract even more prospects to pursue truck driving as a career and diversify the pool of talent for this role.


Scania Malaysia seals first Scania Ecolution truck signing in Asia

Scania Malaysia and Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd signed the first Scania Ecolution truck agreement in Asia during the launch at the Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019 (MCVE).

Scania Ecolution is a tailor-made partnership between Scania and customers that helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This is achieved through vehicle optimisation and agreed fuel and CO2 emissions reduction targets. The progress to reach the targets will be regularly monitored, evaluated and discussed with the Scania Ecolution Manager to ensure the desired result. Scania Ecolution focuses on reducing operating cost translated to improved profitability while fulfilling the growing demand for green initiatives.

4- Scania Malaysia and its Scania Ecolution partners 1-Sealing the deal for first Scania Ecolution truck partnership in Asia between Scania Malaysia and Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd

The signing ceremony saw Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström sealing the partnership with Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd Managing Director, S. Palani and witnessed by Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar, Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Transport and Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, the Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia.

“At Scania, we believe that sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand and Scania Ecolution will facilitate the shift towards a sustainable transport system. This is a holistic approach towards a more responsible and sustainable transportation of people and goods,” said Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director, Marie Sjödin Enström.

“Malaysia has in its participation to the Paris Agreement voluntarily committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 35-45% by 2030 (from the 2005 baseline). By working together with local operators, Scania Ecolution model is one of the many solutions to help meet that commitment,” added Marie.

2-Dato Kamarudin Jaffar launching Scania Ecolution 6- Lyentivia speaking on what sustainability means to children 5. Handover of the first S-Cab New Truck Generation to Heng Seng and Co

Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd acquired 15 Scania G-Series trucks earlier this year to facilitate the expansion of its trucking and haulage requirements. The acquisition was made on hire purchase terms and included a Repair and Maintenance contract as well as Scania Fleet Care. Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd will be able to further optimise their operation with the Scania Ecolution agreement.

“Aside from the performance, safety, and reliability of Scania trucks, Scania Ecolution will help my business in terms of discovering cost savings in every detail of our operations. The reduction of CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency that comes with it also fulfils one of Aone Logistics’s commitment to protecting the environment,” commented Aone Logistics Sdn Bhd Managing Director, S. Palani.



MCVE 2019 at Mines from today until Sunday

The Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019 (MCVE) is back again at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center (MIECC), covering an exhibition area of 8,000 sqm from today, the 20th to the 22nd of June 2019. MCVE 2019__3576 MCVE 2019__3577 MCVE 2019__3580 MCVE 2019__3583 MCVE 2019__3584

The theme of this year’s event was ‘The Future of Transportation in Malaysia’. Exhibitors such as Volvo, Scania, MAN Truck and Bus and Hino as well as new exhibitors such as Hengst and Giti Tyre were at the main hall showcasing their latest innovations.

MCVE 2019__3599 MCVE 2019__3607

MCVE remains and is the largest commercial vehicle exhibition in South East Asia and our new Deputy Minister of Transport, YB Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar was in attendance officiating the opening of the event at a packed morning media and guest event at the main entrance of the event hall.

MCVE 2019__3619

MCVE 2019__3608

Scania as always made the biggest noise at the event with the launch of the Scania Ecolution program.

MCVE 2019__3617 MCVE 2019__3618

Daihatsu showcased their business fleet program.

MCVE 2019__3620 MCVE 2019__3621

Volvo Trucks had their Uptime Promise.

MCVE 2019__3614 MCVE 2019__3615 MCVE 2019__3616

Hino Motors brought their 6×2 Prime Mover; HINO 700 Series SR1E, and Hino full line-up light-duty truck, HINO 300 Series, new driving test (computer based); Driver Aptitude Test, and their HINO Poncho inner city bus.

MCVE 2019__3609 MCVE 2019__3610

MAN trucks showed their strength in brand presence

MCVE 2019__3601 MCVE 2019__3602

The Chinese truck brands were as colourful as always.

MCVE 2019__3595 MCVE 2019__3596 MCVE 2019__3597 MCVE 2019__3598 MCVE 2019__3599 MCVE 2019__3600

MCVE is organised by the Asian Trucker and the event also sees participants from truck accessories and aftermarket equipment.

MCVE 2019__3611 MCVE 2019__3612 MCVE 2019__3613

MCVE 2019__3603 MCVE 2019__3604 MCVE 2019__3605