Scania Drives The Shift Towards The Future Of Transportation

In line with global and regional trends toward a sustainable and digital future the future of Malaysia’s transport industry must be one that is smart, safe, fuel efficient and digitally connected if it is to remain sustainable and profitable.

Scania’s goal is to play a leading role in providing sustainable transport solutions by improving energy efficiency, applying alternative fuels/electrification technology and creating smarter and safer transport for Malaysians and everyone around the world.

“Scania’s sustainability efforts aim to enhance the lives of society while helping transport operators achieve the best profitability,” said Managing Director for Scania Southeast Asia, Marie Sjödin Enström, who was speaking at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE).

“With congestion, pollution, energy security and climate change continuing to affect our way of life, the future of transportation is already here as Scania has the technology of tomorrow, here today, especially in Malaysia,” said Marie.

Malaysia has a commitment to meet the greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 45% by 2030. As of 2013, Malaysia was already at 43% – from 0.53 unit per GDP to 0.3 unit per GDP – and continues to improve.

As there is no one silver bullet, there is a need for a wider range of solutions to meet a wider range of needs that has to at least be profitable. Scania continues to provide sustainable transport solutions to customers today and field-tests newer technologies with customers; as showcased here at the MCVE.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency solutions are already available in all Scania products and services today and an example is the Scania Vehicle Optimiser (SVO) software – on display at the MCVE – that optimises the vehicle specifications of customers for the best fuel economy.

Also on display is the Scania G-Series, embodying a well-specified vehicle that continues to be popular with long haulage customers for its comfort, storage and fuel efficiency benefits that are achieved with a bigger cab size and optimised aerodynamism.

Customer’s business needs are also analysed through the Scania Total Operating Economy (TOE) calculator to help operators appreciate the difference between purchase cost and operating costs.

The best profitability is even more achievable when coupled with Scania Maintenance and Scania Repair & Maintenance (as part of Scania Contracted Services), Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans (which will come soon), Scania Assistance, Scania Fleet Management System, Scania Training & Coaching (part of Scania Driver Services), Scania Genuine Parts and Scania Financial Services.


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