PORSCHE 911 SAFARI, just 3 units will be built
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PORSCHE 911 SAFARI, just 3 units will be built


Perfect for the timber tycoon in Borneo who needs a supercar that can go off-road with ease. One of only three copies built by Eric Brandenburg, who piloted his own in the 2007 Transsyberia Rally, this Porsche 911 Safari is a true rarity. It started life as a 1978 SC but has since been transformed into a capable off-road machine.

Modifications include a beefed up suspension with Bilstein B6 Sport dampers, mudder tires mounted on 16-inch rims, stainless steel skid plates to protect the undercarriage, and a winch hidden in the custom front bumper. It develops nearly 230bhp from its 3.2L flat-six engine, plenty enough to make the monochrome Martini Racing livery a little blurry as you go sliding past.

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