Nissan launches NV200 Taxi in Japan

Nissan launches NV200 Taxi in Japan

Nissan to Create Integrated Mobility Solution for NV200 Taxi wit

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. launched the NV200 Taxi, an all new generation taxi, in Tokyo yesterday.

The NV200 Taxi is based on the popular Nissan NV200 (NV200 Vanette in Japan), a multi-purpose commercial vehicle that has garnered worldwide recognition.

About 700 units of NV200 Taxi have already been operating in the New York City, USA as the next-generation Yellow Cab. In Europe including Barcelona, Spain, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, about 200 units of the e-NV200 Taxi, Nissan’s all-electric, zero-emissions commercial vehicle, have also launched operations. The NV200-based taxi has been burgeoning worldwide.

The launch ceremony was attended by concerned parties from 46 taxi companies which made an initial purchase of NV200 Taxi. After the ceremony, 35 units of NV200 Taxi painted in each taxi company’s corporate color paraded around the Tokyo City.

“The number of foreigners visiting Japan has been increasing yearly. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a great many competitors and spectators are expected to come to Japan from all over the world. I’m sure that the NV200 Taxi would be able to cater to customers with a large suitcase and its spacious interior would deliver outstanding comfort and services to all passengers,” said Asako Hoshino, Senior Vice President responsible for Japan Operation.

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