MAN Presents New Van and Truck Products for 2018
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MAN Presents New Van and Truck Products for 2018


The time-honoured, Munich-based brand is entering the van world for the first time with the new MAN TGE. Production has been underway since April and official sales started only a month earlier, branching MAN’s established, customer-focused truck business out into the light commercial vehicle market. The new addition impresses with its variety of models, including the closed panel van, combi with windows, and vehicle chassis with single and crew cabs, all of which enhance the range of body designs.

A permissible gross weight of 3 to 5.5 tonnes and efficient, robust 102 to 177 HP engines make this the ideal light transportation solution in construction, skilled trades, passenger transport and for assorted applications in distribution logistics. Via the Vans to Go scheme, MAN is introducing its line of complete, instantly available, direct-from-factory vehicles along with attachments for the TGE range for the first time in Barcelona.

Among the innovations in the medium-duty truck sector, MAN TGL and TGM are now on the move with a new engine featuring new power stages. The new MAN D08SCR generation of engines excels with its simpler design and exhaust gas aftertreatment based solely on Selective Catalytic Reduction technology.

This expands the range of applications while easing maintenance and strengthening overall reliability. MAN has also managed to further reduce the new unit’s consumption by 5.5 percent. The TGL and TGM can also boast added driving comfort and efficiency thanks to new functions for the TipMatic gearbox. Inside the cab, the workplace experiences an additional upgrade with new controls, making it more driver-friendly.

While the new interior design primarily takes shape around the workplace in the short C and M cabs, drivers will also benefit from a redesign of the living area in the long L, LX, XL, XLX and XXL cabs, which are chiefly used in the MAN TGX and TGS.

The living area changes include new storage and lighting features as well as a new retractable fridge, located fully underneath the resting bunk. All the important comfort functions can be controlled via a new operator control concept. In addition, the TGX series ensures restful sleep with an acoustic package that markedly further reduces the noise levels in the cab via extensive insulation measures.

MAN has equipped the new Adaptive Cruise Control variant with a Stop-and-Go function to prevent driver fatigue as far as possible on congested roads and in sluggish traffic situations.

This automatically regulates the distance from the vehicle in front (including at low speeds), slows the vehicle (to a stop if necessary) and automatically moves off again after short stops. This way, the driver can relax and enjoy the ride free of stress, even in stop-and-go traffic.

Every new truck in Europe that has our lion emblem on the grille and meets the Euro 6 standard is equipped with a RIO Box as of August, allowing customers to keep running their logistics processes as smoothly as possible with their MAN.

This works as a technical interface to provide access to RIO, the new digital offering from Volkswagen Truck & Bus. In adding this, MAN is laying the first building block for an infrastructure whose services will be able to connect the entire transportation and logistics sector in the future. By means of RIO’s cloud-based technology solution, customers will soon be able to access their fleet’s vast range of data in a central location and use a variety of services from the transport and logistics sector.

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