Keep Fuel Bills Low
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Keep Fuel Bills Low

Walking into my favourite coffee shop for a plate fried rice and a kopi susu is making my wallet lighter and leaving me with a less satisfied appetite. Why? Because of the recent huge rise in goods and services in our nation, the cost of my fried rice and kopi susu has gone up and there are less ‘additions’ in my rice. They have reduced the number of prawns and shredded chicken. My kopi susu does not come filled to the tip like before and it tastes somewhat lighter. I suppose all this is a way to start trimming down my weight but the effects of the rise is felt everywhere, all the time.

Let me offer to you today some helpful tips in saving on fuel and also the ‘wear and tear’ on your car that I myself subscribe to daily and have seen some results that has benefited my next of kin.

1) Wake up earlier

Leaving for work a little bit earlier means beating the heavy morning traffic. This way you can also save fuel by driving without your air-conditioner as the early morning air is cool and somewhat refreshing. Arriving for work early allows you to be more productive and a possible promotion and rise in pay will be appreciated.

2) Check your tire pressure

When is the last time you checked your tire pressure? Under-inflated tires are very common with car owners today and reduce fuel efficiency. Keep your tires properly inflated by checking them every time you fuel up. It costs nothing and remember to shut off your engine when checking your tire pressure. Even better, invest in a tire gauge and check when you get home at your leisure. Use the inflation pressures guide shown in the owner’s manual or on the data plate in the driver’s doorjamb.

3) Drive at a lower speed

Going fast might cost you in extra fuel as well as a speeding ticket. So slow down and take stock of the world around you. You’ll save a lot of fuel and your journey won’t take much longer. Just be sure you keep to the left on the highway and not cause a traffic jam.

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