Isuzu gives Giga range a full model change

Isuzu gives Giga range a full model change


Isuzu Motors Limited announced that it has given its Giga heavy duty truck range a full model change, and launched them in Japan yesterday.

According to Isuzu, the new Giga has evolved from a stand-alone truck into a “connected carrier system” to maximise customers’ uptime by giving solutions to the issues they are facing such as labor shortage, operational cost, environmental and safety problems.

Its performance, sophisticated from the five viewpoints of drivers’ comfort, fuel efficiency, total safety, loading capacity and remote assistance, will surely better serve the needs of customers as an ideal next-generation truck.

The main improvements being offered by the new GIGA are as follows:


  • The new aerodynamic cab frame
  • The front face looks more functional and modern, with a large front grille


  • A semi-round instrument panel has been adopted.
  • All the switches, grouped by frequency of use, are located near the meters.
  • Steering wheel switches and 4-inch multi-information LCD monitor.
  • The seats have been improved in adjustability, air permeability and capability to support the occupant’s postures.
  • More cabin space


  • The 6UZ1 engine has been improved. The following modifications have been made to increase the low to mid-range torque and improve fuel efficiency.
    • The specifications of the turbocharger, changed.
    • The intercooler and radiator, made larger.
    • The highly efficient EGR cooler, adopted.
    • The supply pump, changed.
    • The new injector, adopted.
    • The ultra-high pressure common rail system, adopted.
  • The cargo and dump models come standard with the “ecostop” system which automatically stops and restarts the engine to minimize the unnecessary fuel consumption during idling.


  • The automated manual transmission, Smoother-Gx, has been improved to enable the vehicle to offer a smoother-ever start, by decreasing “shift shocks”. In addition, by adopting the engine retarder, the capabilities of the auxiliary brakes, have been improved.
  • The models equipped with the 6UZ1-TC engine and 12-speed Smoother Gx, come standard with the “Smart Glide” system. This system automatically disengages the clutch when the vehicle is running on a downgrade with its accelerator pedal lightly depressed in order to effectively utilize the inertial force of the vehicle for more fuel saving.


  • The pre-crash braking system has the collision avoidance support function added to cope with moving obstacles, in addition to the conventional collision mitigating function. The double detecting mechanism using a millimeter wave radar and a camera, has largely improved the accuracy of forward obstacle detection.
  • The newly adopted LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), monitors the lane markers using the camera, and alerts the driver when he/she likely goes out of the lane using the warning buzzer and the 4-inch LCD monitor.


  • In spite of the full-model change, the curb weight increase has been minimized to ensure high loading capacity.


  • The MIMAMORI system, which analyzes the data from vehicles on-line, is being offered as standard equipment. A variety of useful advices for compliance with laws and regulations and eco-driving will be given through this system. What’s more, the real-time status of the vehicle can be easily checked via the internet by the customer too.
  • The high quality genuine maintenance program, “PREISM” is being provided by utilizing the vehicle data collected via the MIMAMORI system in advance. Through this maintenance program, the authorized Isuzu dealers will be pleased to boost customers’ uptime.

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