IAA 2016: Meet the Oldest Bus in Europe to be Powered by a Cummins Euro 6 Engine
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IAA 2016: Meet the Oldest Bus in Europe to be Powered by a Cummins Euro 6 Engine

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Cummins featured a 54-year-old London Routemaster double deck bus yesterday, in the line-up of Cummins-powered clean buses appearing at IAA Hannover ready to meet the Euro 6 (VI) Phase-C low emissions regulations taking effect 1 Jan., 2017.

The iconic Routemaster RM1005, which first entered service with London Transport in 1962, now has the distinction of being the oldest, cleanest bus operating in Europe after a Cummins repower installation with the B4.5 diesel rated at 150 hp (112 kW).

Road-testing has demonstrated that the Routemaster, despite being more than half-a -century old, is capable of achieving up to 10 mpg (28 L/100 km), demonstrating efficiency and emissions equal to that of low carbon accredited buses operating in London today. The inherent structural strength of the B4.5 enables the 4.5-litre 4-cylinder engine to easily power the 64-seater bus, providing smooth acceleration and quiet operation. The only visible change within the driver’s half-cab is an updated dash panel and pedal controls to connect with the B4.5 engine management system.

“We are delighted that RM1005 has made the journey from London to feature at IAA in Hannover, because this project demonstrates how even the oldest buses in operation can be repowered to meet the most stringent emissions standards,” said Ashley Watton, Cummins Director, On-Highway Europe.

“By meeting 2017 Euro 6 Phase-C regulations, this now means the RM1005 is aligned with the intention of the proposed Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London, able to operate alongside the newest bus designs,” Watton said.


The Routemaster repower was completed using Cummins Smart Efficiency,™ a solution that enables the engine integration to be precisely configured to the specific duty cycle and driveline of the vehicle. The highly compact envelope of the B4.5 provided an ideal fit within the small engine compartment, ensuring that the characteristic external appearance of the bus remained unchanged, even with the incorporation of the switchback design Cummins Modular Aftertreatment.

The Routemaster was purpose-designed by AEC for London routes with the first bus entering service in 1956, and the last withdrawn from regular service in 2005, although some, including the RM1005, continued to operate on heritage routes between tourist destinations.

The Euro 6 repowered Routemaster RM1005 is owned by Sir Peter Hendy, formerly Commissioner of Transport for London, who challenged the Cummins engineers in 2015 to repower the bus to meet the most stringent emissions standards in order to continue working on heritage routes and charitable work. With many hundreds of Routemasters still on the road in the United Kingdom, the successful repower of RM1005 now opens the opportunity for those historic vehicles to continue running with a Cummins clean-diesel repower.

RM1005 can be found on the Cummins outside stand, at FG H97, located by Hall 16 under the theme of ‘Powering the London Red Bus Green’.

Visitors who board the bus will be in royal company, because in its many appearances for charitable events in recent years, it has welcomed aboard public figures such as the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry.

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