Hofele Design Gives Land Rover Defender A New Facelift

Hofele Design Gives Land Rover Defender A New Facelift

German tuner Hofele Design GmbH has decided to offer drivers a new, deluxe edition before the termination of production of Land Rover Defender. The special edition is named Silver Bear characterized by LED daytime running lights, sleek front with Hofele mask, rear Hella LED lights and much more.


The Silver Bear comprises LED daytime running lights, LED turn signals, round LED rear lights, aluminum hood, chrome spare wheel hard cover, chrome-plated exhaust tail pipes, 20 inch alloy wheels with all-terrain tires, electrically adjustable side mirrors, power windows for the rear doors, and a luxe up interior featuring Bentley-style “diamond quilted” leather also known as double diamond-stitching.



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