Hino Motors publishes 2016 CSR report


Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino) has published its CSR Report on its website earlier this week. The report provides a clear and easily readable outline of the Hino Group’s approach to CSR and the initiatives it took in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016.

Overview of the Report

1. Social Performance Section

This section of the report presents Hino’s activities and approaches to initiatives aimed at fulfilling the Hino Credo in relation to its stakeholders, categorised as customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, and local communities around the world.

Feature: Our Bonds with Customers and Society: The Total Support that Hino Motors Aims to Achieve

This section presents Hino initiatives to provide total support and contribute to society by ensuring the continuity of customers’ businesses, which depend on distribution and transportation infrastructure.

Feature: What We Can Do as a Company for the Safety and Security of Communities: Implementation of Blue Crime Prevention Patrols

This section describes Hino’s Blue Crime Prevention Patrols, which are part of the Company’s ongoing voluntary crime prevention activities, designed to help ensure the safety and security of communities where it operates.

2. Environmental Performance Section

This section introduces the environmental management activities of Hino based on the Hino Global Environment Charter, which lays out the Company’s basic approach to environmental conservation, and various other activities, in accordance with Hino’s 2015 Environmental Initiative Plan,* providing relevant performance data.

Feature: Developing Environmentally Friendly Vehicles for a Hydrogen Society

This feature highlights the fuel cell buses that Japan is promoting at the national level, explains the advantages of these vehicles, and introduces related Hino initiatives.

Feature: Aiming to Coexist in Harmony with Nature

This feature presents the issues associated with Hino efforts to protect biodiversity and reduce its environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of its products and outlines the direction that future Hino initiatives will take.

While this is just a summary of the report, more details can be found in the full report on Hino’s website here

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