Here is the all-new Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Alphard
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Here is the all-new Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard 2024

Both the Alphard and Vellfire have gone through a significant amount of upgrades

After much anticipation, Toyota has unveiled the all-new Alphard and Vellfire which will be available in petrol and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) versions.

The fourth-generation Alphard and Vellfire will have a platform developed anew around the idea of elevating performance to a world standard. As “luxury saloons,” the new Alphard and Vellfire have been improved in terms of basic performance, such as vibration and noise reduction measures, fuel economy, and driving dynamics, while the interior and exterior design, spacious interior and exterior space, and user-friendliness have been enhanced to add value in line with that development concept.

2024 Toyota Alphard

The development team also worked to differentiate more clearly between the Alphard and Vellfire. The Vellfire was assigned an exclusive new Z Premier grade, whose primarily black equipment and aggressive demeanor were imbued with a new sophistication to further underscore its unique exterior.

Meanwhile the all-new Vellfire features special tuning to its suspension and an exclusive powertrain unit to enable customers attracted by the uniqueness of the Vellfire to better experience the joy of driving.

2024 Toyota Alphard Vellfire

On the exterior, Toyota said that it sought to establish a sense of solidity for the vehicles, akin to a fighting bull in full charge. To create that feeling of power, as if the vehicles were charging forward, the company designed a cutting-edge reverse slant for the emblem; stretching from front to back, the sides of the vehicles feature dynamic irregularities which evoke a strength firmly rooted in the ground.

2024 Toyota Alphard

Inside, Toyota has increased the space between the front and second-row seats, and between the second-row and third-row seats by 5 mm and 10 mm respectively. They did this by implementing modifications to both the driving position and to the construction of the second-row seats, making both the side quarter trim on the third row of seats and the backdoor trim thinner, and trying multiple sizes at intervals of 0.1 mm.

While the previous generation Alphard and Vellfire had the lighting, assorted switches, and air conditioning vents located along both sides of the ceiling, the new models come with the Super-Long Overhead Console which houses these fixtures in the center of the ceiling.

2024 Toyota Alphard

The Console also provides enhanced convenience and operability by enabling occupants in any seat to open windows on the opposite side of the vehicle and to adjust the lighting.

The Alphard and Vellfire are the first-ever Toyota vehicles to feature Universal Steps on both right and left-hand-side sliding doors, making it easier for small children and the elderly to enter and exit the vehicles in comfort.

2024 Toyota Alphard

As the doors open, a step emerges approximately 220 mm above ground, lowering the height of the first step for customers entering or exiting the vehicle. Long assist grips designed for easy use by occupants of all shapes and sizes are also positioned on the C pillars and on both sides of the ceiling to ensure comfortable entry and exit.

2024 Toyota Alphard

To improve the riding experience for all second and third-row seat occupants, improvements have also been made to the cars’ shades. More specifically, the moonroof uses independently operable right and left-side shades, so that some occupants can choose to see the sky while others choose to block out the sunlight; Toyota’s first-ever pull-down side sunshades have also been installed, enabling customers to block excess sunlight while still enjoying the scenery.

2024 Toyota Alphard

To achieve an environmental friendliness appropriate to a world-class ultra-spacious luxury saloon, the fuel efficiency of the vehicles has also been improved, and a new 2WD grade has been made available for HEV models.

Underpinned by the TNGA platform (GA-K), the all-new Alphard and Vellfire come in three variants with varying powertrain packages each as mentioned below:

Alphard variants
Vellfire variants

Last but not least, the all-new Alphard and Vellfire are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, the latest active safety package which comprises Proactive Driving Assist, Intra-Lane Steering Assist, Deceleration Assist when Turning at Intersections, Advanced Park (with remote function), as well as Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist among other systems.

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