Fuso Super Great is Japan’s First Truck with Level 2 Autonomous Driving
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Fuso Super Great is Japan’s First Truck with Level 2 Autonomous Driving

Fuso Super Great

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), recently announced the launch of its new heavy-duty Super Great truck, equipped with a Japan-first driver assistance system.

The new Super Great is the first truck in Japan to come with Emergency Stop Assist, which decelerates and stops the vehicle within its lane in case of an emergency.

Emergency Stop Assist

By installing Emergency Stop Assist into the new Super Great, MFTBC has been able to advance the truck’s SAE level 2 automated driving support technology to market-leading levels.

Fuso Super Great

With Emergency Stop Assist, the Active Drive Assist automated driving support system is now upgraded to Active Drive Assist 2. In addition to lane keep assist features and adaptive cruise control, drivers are now supported with new technology that detects anomalies in steering wheel activity.

Active Drive Assist 2

When the steering wheel remains inactive for 60 seconds while Active Drive Assist 2 is on, the system issues an alert on the dashboard monitor as well as an audio alarm, while reducing the speed and bringing the vehicle to an emergency stop within the same lane.

The deceleration is expected to be particularly beneficial in scenarios where drivers experience sudden changes in health condition at the wheel.

Active Drive Assist 2 therefore not only offers less fatiguing hauls through stabilized driving, but enhanced safety for the driver and surrounding vehicles.

Active Sideguard Assist 1.0

This model also features Active Sideguard Assist 1.0, which, in a first for trucks in Japan, enhances the prevention of left turn accidents with a damage mitigation braking system.

Fuso Super Great

Active Sideguard Assist 1.0 warns the driver with a lamp when the radar detects an object on the left side of the vehicle, which tends to be a blind spot for the driver.

It also emits an alarm when the steering wheel is turned to the left or a left turn signal is activated.

In addition to these audio-visual warnings, the new model provides another layer of safety with a collision mitigation braking system that decelerates and brings the vehicle to an emergency stop when it detects a risk of collision with objects moving in parallel to the vehicle.

Fuso Super Great

Rear Underrun Protection

In compliance with the latest regulations, the new Super Great also has also been upgraded with various other features. In addition to a Rear Underrun Protection (RUP) device to limit the damage of collisions, the truck’s inner rear-view mirror now comes equipped with a shock absorbing structure.

Furthermore, in advance of new Japanese regulations, the vehicle is equipped with daytime running lights for increased visibility during daylight hours and a feature that activates headlights automatically at dusk.

The Super Great also comes with a fuel tank that matches the latest regulatory standards for the prevention of fuel leaks.

Mercedes-Benz Actros next

Finally, a co-driver seatbelt indicator has also been introduced to encourage better safety inside the cabin.

Active Driver Assist 2 and its emergency stop function will be also available in Daimler Trucks’ heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Actros from June 2021.

MFTBC will continue to develop commercial vehicle automation technology through Daimler Truck’s global network, which is built upon competence centers in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Level 4 autonomous driving

Daimler Trucks is working towards the realization of an SAE Level 4 autonomous driving truck with its subsidiary TORC Robotics as well as through an alliance with Waymo, which develops autonomous driving technology.

MFTBC aims to bring Level 4 autonomous driving technology to FUSO markets by leveraging the collaborative development and shared expertise within the Daimler Group.

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