Foton Auman EST Heavy-Duty Commercial Prime Mover Arrives  

Foton Auman EST Heavy-Duty Commercial Prime Mover Arrives  

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd (ATM) – a subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings and a member of Tan Chong Group – has recently launched and unveiled the all-new heavy-duty commercial prime mover – Foton Auman EST (Energy Super Truck) series.

Manufactured by Beijing-based Foton Daimler Automotive Co. Ltd, the all-new Auman EST truck is part of the Foton Super Truck Series that are fully-equipped with advanced mobility technologies leading into the future.

The all-new Auman EST series were built by a combination of globally-renowned and best-in-class technologies from the United States (U.S), Germany and China. It is powered by U.S-based Cummins Inc.’s clean, efficient and dependable Cummins ISG 12-litre engine, Germany-based ZF’s latest innovative TraXon transmission and Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive’s application of European technology into its newly styled body.

The combination of these technologies make Auman EST fully capable in carrying out highly demanding operations while maintaining high standards in uptime, fuel efficiency and safety over long distances in the day-to-day routines of fleet and trucking operations.

The Auman EST was manufactured in global digital paradigmatic factory with TOS+ (Truck Operating System) management system, advanced manufacturing capabilities and technologies. The truck has undergone rigorous testing regimes and on-road testing in various road condition, temperature and altitude took it to the limit so as to ensure its superior quality, durability and performance.

A smart and high-quality truck for maximum efficiency

Loaded with revolutionary technologies, the all-new Auman EST is a highly intelligent truck that is efficient with fuel conservation, safety aspects and productivity. The truck is also fitted with advanced, modularized architecture platform of CAN-Bus technology which integrates all complex components through the truck’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit), enabling ease in fault diagnosis, improved safety and fuel consumption.

Additionally, the I-Telligent System-Load Based Speed Control (LSBC) controls the engine revs according to load, road condition and vehicle speed to improve fuel consumption. This also makes the truck very stable and easy to handle on uneven roads.


Highly fuel efficient for positive bottom line impact 

Fuel economy isone of the priority factors for companies in the logistics and haulage business. The Auman EST provides exceptional fuel efficiency through a variety of ways. The advanced Cummins ISG engine improves fuel consumption and emission significantly. Its high torque with low revs and a wide RPM range increases transmission efficiency and fuel economy by 2%. 

The lightweight and compact yet powerful Cummins engine, aluminium-alloyed ZF’s 16-speed transmission, fuel tank and other lightweight materials all contribute to the best possible minimal usage of fuel. In addition, the newly-designed body optimizes aerodynamics, low drag and low rolling resistance to ensure that fuel efficiency is further maximized.

Safety at its uncompromised best

The Auman EST has undergone stringent and harsh crash tests in accordance with the European standard and regulation (UNECE R-29-03).

A host of features that render this prime mover one of the best in class in safety include the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR) which configure intelligently to minimize the potential of skidding. Furthermore, the powerful engine compression braking technology (iBrake), with a maximum braking force of up to 370 horse power, allows the ECU to intelligently control each braking system according to operating conditions.


The cabin is equipped with a large solid bumper, LED day running light, high intensity headlamp and an anti-mud angle plate, the all-new Auman EST also significantly improves driver’s vision especially during night driving, further increasing safety on the road.

Extra comfort for drivers

Built with the driver in mind, the all-new Auman EST boasts great ergonomic interior layout, with highly spacious and high-roofed cabin for driving comfort and movement. Other key features for comfort and safety include adjustable steering wheel, user-friendly dashboard for practicality and convenience, air-suspension driver seat for lumbar support, electric adjustable rear-view mirror and roof window, and ultra-wide twin sleeping bunk beds.

The truck’s full air suspension cabin also meets European standard in terms of good quality sound proofing to reduce interior noise, which effectively improves driving comfort and focus. For ease of maintenance, the cabin can also be tilted to 70 degrees.

The Auman EST truck is now available in three different models for customers in Malaysia. In addition to comprehensive aftersales support of 18 service dealers, customers of Auman EST will also enjoy 4 years warranty with unlimited mileage – the highest warranty in the local truck market. In conjunction with the launch, Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd will be offering a special price for the first 30 units booked before 31 August 2018.

For more information, customers can contact Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd at 603-56386888.

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