ExxonMobil Launches New Fleet Management Program for ASEAN region
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ExxonMobil Launches New Fleet Management Program for ASEAN region


ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (ExxonMobil) recently announced the introduction of its newest fleet management program in Malaysia called the MobilSM Fleet Care (MFC), aimed exclusively at the company’s lubricant customers.

According to ExxonMobil Asia Pacific, the MobilSM Fleet Care  is a fleet management solution that provides fleet owners and operators with a holistic view of their fleet’s operational performance.

Increase productivity

It was said that the insights  that are provided by MobilSM Fleet Care will help ensure fleet safety, contribute to overall productivity and efficiency, as well as minimise operations downtime for the customers.

ExxonMobil SM Fleet Care

Yap Peng Ann, Senior Director, South East Asia, Lubricants, ExxonMobil shared, “The rollout of the all-new MobilSM Fleet Care is part of our continued commitment to the fleet industry in the country as we understand the issues fleet owners and operators face on a daily basis such as rising costs, fleet productivity and driver safety.

Hence, we created MobilSM Fleet Care with the aim to provide an integrated, holistic solution that offers both products and service offerings that address our customers’ needs and help them better manage their operations and business, especially during periods of uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Aimed at ExxonMobil lubricant customers

“As our customers are at the heart of everything we do at ExxonMobil, it is crucial for us to evolve with the speed of change to provide fleet operators and owners with a comprehensive fleet mobility solution; one that meets the demands of the fleet industry in the country.”

“In addition to our years of industry experience, through strategic partnerships and synergies, we are able to offer our customers enhanced data-driven insights and solutions for cost efficiency, increased fleet productivity and better management of drivers.”

Where is it available?

MobilSM Fleet Care  program rollout begins in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, and is expected to further expand regionally where customers will have an option to choose from various packages to suit their business needs. The program also offers bundle rates for telematics and Mobil lubricant products.

For more information on ExxonMobil’s MobilSM Fleet Care program, and to find out more about ongoing promotions, solutions and packages please reach out to local distributors at the MobilSM Fleet Care ‘s official website.  mobil.com/fleet-care-asean.

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