Scania Makes A Stand For Climate Change  
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Scania Makes A Stand For Climate Change  

Today, the 20th of September, inspired by a Swedish school girl, Greta Thunberg, young people around the world will be on ‘climate-striking’ walking out of school for a few hours to demand action against the global warming that darkens their future.

Even companies Like Scania Truck and Bus are taking part in this strike globally to show their support for the movement. Starting from 11 am (today) until 12 pm on 20 September 2019, employees at all twelve of Scania Malaysia branches nationwide as well as the Regional Product Centre in Port Klang, Scania employees in Scania Singapore and Asia Product Centre in Singapore will stop work and attend a Scania Climate Day training on sustainability at their respective premises.

Is Scania the only auto company taking a strong stand against climate change? No other car , truck or bus brand seems to be taking a stand like this around the globe.

Discussions, quiz session, reflection sessions, conference calls across the branches and the next steps will be part of the activities during the training. Scania Malaysia is also inviting its fans, and members of the media to attend the Scania Climate Day training.

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