Aquaplaning Prevention, Don’t Let This Happen To YOU!  
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Aquaplaning Prevention, Don’t Let This Happen To YOU!  

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Aquaplaning happens when the tires of your vehicle begin to ride on top of standing water instead of the surface of the road. Contrary to most drivers’ beliefs, aquaplaning can occur even when the roads are only slightly damp especially when your car tires are well worn or your alignment and balancing are off.

Whether you are driving in torrential rain or on roads that are still just a little damp from a rain shower that passed through hours ago, hydroplaning is a very real possibility and something that drivers should try to avoid at all costs. aquaplaning not only takes away from drivers their ability to steer their car, it also causes feelings of helplessness, a terrifying experience for even the most experienced driver.

How To Recover from aquaplaning

  1. Immediately take your foot off of the accelerator pedal.
  2. Never use your brakes to respond to aquaplaning. Sudden braking on a wet tarmac/road can cause your car to skid completely out of control.

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  1. Although it may seem contradictory, gently turn your steering wheel in the direction your car is aquaplaning. This will help your tires realign with the direction your vehicle is travelling and assist you in regaining some steering control.
  1. Wait to feel the tires reconnect with the surface of the road before accelerating again and please do this gently.

Be safe on the road as the weather will be wet and humid everyday the next few weeks.

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