VP Racing Fuels’ Mad Scientist® Monster Jam® truck
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VP Racing Fuels’ Mad Scientist® Monster Jam® truck

Feld Entertainment® announced today that a brand new Monster Jam® truck, the VP Racing Fuels’ Mad Scientist®, will compete on the 2016 Monster Jam tour and debut on January 8 in Charlotte, NC.  The truck’s design was inspired by VP Racing Fuels’ founder, Steve Burns, the self-taught genius behind all the company’s leading edge formulas.  Over VP’s successful 40-year history, Burns acquired the “Mad Scientist” nickname and a reputation as a virtual maniac in his passion for performance and winning.


The VP Fuels’ Mad Scientist truck will be piloted by veteran, Lee O’Donnell. O’Donnell has been participating in Monster Jam events since 1999 and has competed at the prestigious Monster Jam World Finals® many times. Look out for O’Donnell to put the VP Racing Fuels’ Mad Scientist truck in the winner’s circle throughout 2016.

In recent years, VP has expanded its product lines beyond its core race fuel business to include VP Madditives® for gas and diesel engines, VP Small Engine Fuels for outdoor power equipment, VP Racing Oils, VP PowerWash™ and more.  VP also has begun branding gas stations and convenience stores across the U.S., each of which provides distribution for its new product lines.

The Mad Scientist has become a key component of VP’s marketing platform, symbolizing VP’s propensity for leading edge technology, “makin’ power™” and having fun.  With that said, the Mad Scientist icon is now integrated into the packaging of every VP product and in the signage at VP-branded gas stations.


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