Volvo Unveils Low-Entry FE LEC
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Volvo Unveils Low-Entry FE LEC

Volvo Trucks is now expanding its model range with a low-entry version of the new Volvo FE for Euro 6. The Volvo FE LEC (Low Entry Cab) has been specially designed for refuse operations and city distribution duties. The cab features a low entry, a flat floor throughout, excellent visibility and space for up to four people.

The new Volvo FE LEC is based on the latest generation of Volvo Trucks’ medium duty Volvo FE. The chassis, driveline, design, instruments and controls are all more or less identical. What differentiates the Volvo FE LEC above all are the properties specific to the low-entry walk-through cab. Entry height is just 530 mm. With the kneeling function activated, this is lowered a further 90 mm. The doors can be opened 90 degrees and the floor is flat throughout the cab. The driver’s seat is more forward-placed to ensure the best possible visibility ahead and to the sides of the truck. The cab also features large rear-view mirrors and close-quarter mirrors. Extra side windows behind the B-posts are available as an option.

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