Volvo FH / Kaiser Whale Recycling Tanker At Work

Volvo FH / Kaiser Whale Recycling Tanker At Work

Volvo FH-460 8x4-1

This 32-tonne GVW 8×4 rigid features a 6400mm wheelbase, 460hp Euro-6 engine and a Globetrotter cab. The new Volvo FH-460 8×4 rigid is fitted with the first Kaiser Whale Continuous Dirty Water Recycler in Scotland. The three compartment stainless steel tank has capacities for 2,800 litres of clean water, 1,000 litres of overspill and 11,750 litres of debris or sludge. In use the truck recycles clean water, whilst separating any sludge safely into its holding tank. The new Volvo FH-460 rigid will serve as Enviro-Clean’s flagship vehicle. It is about time we followed suit here in Malaysia.

Volvo FH-460 8x4-2

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