UD Trucks celebrates 80th anniversary
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UD Trucks celebrates 80th anniversary


UD Trucks celebrates the 80th anniversary of its foundation this year. Since its foundation in 1935, UD Trucks has supported logistics systems in Japan and around the world, always conscious of the transport industry’s key role in helping build up social infrastructure. The company has supported growth in Japan and other countries, answering logistics needs by taking the lead in introducing the best solutions using cutting-edge technologies of the time.

Founder Kenzo Adachi believed that trucks must be durable, fuel efficient, offer high uptime and ample loading capacity. Over the past 80 years, UD Trucks has provided products that meet these criteria, while also reducing the total cost of our customer’s ownership.

“All of us at UD Trucks, from product development to manufacturing and sales, have been united in applying our founder’s passion for trucks. Moving forward, we will work hard to become the truck brand that our customers most want to partner with,” said UD Trucks president, Yoshihiro Murakami.

With the brand promise of “Going the Extra Mile“, UD Trucks offers products with a high level of fuel efficiency, uptime, reliability, durability, drivability, while meeting today’s demanding safety and environmental standards with modern technology.

To celebrate UD Trucks 80th anniversary, a brand new UD Experience Center will be opened in May and its new headquarters building will be completed in July, both at the main factory site in Ageo, Japan. Always providing the best solutions to transportation challenges, UD Trucks will continue to support the development of the logistics industry and contribute to the economic growth of Japan and the other countries it operates in for the next 80 years.

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