Tyre Pressure Monitoring To Reduce CO2
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Tyre Pressure Monitoring To Reduce CO2

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) in England is searching for partners with whom to develop technology for heavy-duty vehicles that could alter tyre operating pressure to adapt to a range of surface and loading conditions, by inflating or deflating the tyre as appropriate.

The aim is to create a commercially viable rolling resistance optimisation system (RROS) that could change tyre pressures without the driver leaving the cab.

It could be deployed on any heavy land vehicle that uses pneumatic tyres – including road-based HGVs, buses and coaches, as well as agricultural tractors, articulated off-road trucks and wheel loaders.

If successful, the project could produce an up to eight per cent saving on CO2 across the UK heavy-duty vehicle land fleet by 2020, claims ETI.

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